Another Revealed Attack Puzzle!

May 29, 2013, 6:22 AM |

Hey y'all,

I'd hate to lynch Dom again for a revealed attack, but here's a quick puzzle to again emphasise the power of the discovered checks. Black to play and win here, plus if you don't really get why certain moves were played I'll put in a full analysis afterwards (but attempt the puzzle first!).























So, if you got all of that, then great job! But if not, I'll put a bit of an explanation behind some of those moves here, because the position is quite tricky.

So, that concludes this little lesson. Again, sorry Dom for calling you out on this game, but it was a great one for showing how you should always try to use discovered attacks/checks to your advantage as much as possible! If I had gone for the obvious looking rook-for-knight swap, I would've still been down on material and probably continued on to lose anyway... but when I looked for a better move, I sure did find one!


EDIT: Evan pointed out that g5+ does actually work the first time around, and with a more guarenteed mate threat if the queen moves up and lets the rook come in. Thanks to him, though I can't be bothered editing the puzzle.


Have fun my children, and get keen for Friday!!