My 3 best tournament games of all time Number 1

Nov 20, 2011, 4:34 AM |

This game was played in the Interprovincial championship 2009 a bit later than the other games in the year.

I was playing board 4 and had 2 very demorilising loses against players I would have thought weaker than myself, maybe it was the confidence or the frustration of playing board 4 seeing as I beat board 1 earlier the same year, see game 3. 

So I went into the game with my heart sunk already and told myself before the game that if I lost this game I atleast had to enjoy it and make myself comfortable by making lots of tactics. My opponent was a strong 2000 rated player. 

6. h3 was a new idea for me but I liked how it prepared Be3 and g4 at the same time so I didnt mind the tempo

9. 0-0-0 Opposite side casteling showing him im not afraid of his rating and as I said I was looking for a fun game at the least.

9. ... b4 maybe helped a little bit at that point , I was looking to play Ne2 either way to go to g3 after g4 and prevent Nh5

15. Qe2 had a dual purpose idea I didnt like the looks of any other move after 14. ... c5 and this also stops the move c4 while taking my queen away from any danger

21. Ngf5 this move amazed me from the moment I saw it, I had seen this position earlier and knew I was in big trouble if I didn't find something soon, this move took me more than 20 minutes, in a 60-60 game, which is quiet a lot for a complicated position like this because if another hard move comes up I would be in time trouble very quickly, but after I moved it I stood up swiftly and left to wash my face, confident I was right 

24. ... Qxc2+ was the only saving move from here and so I had won a exchange and was much more confident about my wining chances.

28. Bd4+ was just forcing the weakness on d6 for me to pick on

33. ... Bxe4+ a strange move, but Black was in trouble, he is forced to trade rooks while his ending is much worse so he tries for some sort of counter play, but he does not quite find it, and resigns a few moves later.


Please add any comments :) enjoy