Atlas shrugged

Jun 30, 2011, 2:24 AM |

I will begin setting down here some of my favorite quotes from Atlas Shrugged.

"He did not look like a man bearing torture now, but like a man who sees that which makes the torture worth bearing."


"“Hank, this is great.”


He said it simply, openly.  There was no flattered pleasure in his voice, and no modesty.  This, she knew, what a tribute to her, the rarest one person could pay to another: the tribute of feeling free to acknowledge one’s own greatness, knowing that it is understood."


"Rearden could accept any form of reproach, abuse, damnation anyone chose to throw at him; the only human reaction which he would not accept was pity."


“Jim, do you remember the story they tell about Nat Taggart?  He said that he envied only one of his competitors, the one who said ‘The public be damned!’  He wished he had said it.”


“I hope I may trust you to be sure and quote them.  Would you oblige me by taking this down verbatim?”  She paused to see their pencils ready, then dictated: “Miss Taggart says–quote–I expect to make a pile of money on the John Galt Line.  I will have earned it.  Close quote.  Thank you so much.”


"As she started up the rungs on the side of the engine, a reporter thought of a question he had not asked.

“Miss Taggart,” he called after her, “who is John Galt?”

She turned, hanging onto a metal bar with one hand, suspended for an instant above the heads of the crowd.

We are!” she answered."