Kings Island Open U1400

Feb 2, 2014, 5:09 PM |


This is my only surviving game that I know of from 11-13-2005. My friend Steven and I went up to Kings Island Open chess tournament to play back in '05.

I tried to look at the people I played back then and try to remember what I played. It was probably forgettable to tell you the truth. I quit the tournament after I lost my fourth round because I was acting like a baby because I lost and that was all I cared about.

Arthur Bisguier was also there going over games after the first hour of the round was over as well. So going in there and talking to him was always fun. He was kind of headstrong when he was going over the games. You really had to prove you knew what you were talking about. I could just sit and listen to what he had to say the whole time.

Now comes time in this turn of events to talk about my third round game. My buddy was telling me how to play the opening and he told me that it was imperative that I attack immediately in a certain line of the Sicilian Defense. It just so happens that my opponent played the exact line that he told me about. I had no board. I was also trying to go to sleep instead of listening to him about the game.

I wish I would not quit chess when I lose. What will happen in our next installment? Maybe I will make some new friends and get my first rival! Maybe my chess will get better! No one is really good at the game. We are only bad at it to varying degrees.