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The New 8 Pawn Defence

The New 8 Pawn Defence

Nov 28, 2009, 12:51 AM 4

The 8 Pawn Defence 

or the Tron Defence


You know you are famous when a move or series of moves is named after you.  Well, my friend Antron (called “Tron”) came up with a method of facing down the 4 Pawn Attack.  The four pawn attack is very well named.  The four pawns in the middle make a large pawn “fist” backed up by the rest of the army. 


While not extremely popular at higher levels, it is used enough that most masters know it and may occasionally play it.  It is different so it can catch people off-guard.   Tron is just beginning to get to be a decent chess players.  I expect his numbers to start climbing - he also in a gentleman.  If this were medieval Europe, he would be a Knight, chivalry and all.


We play often.  My rating is not very high either.  But mine is for a different reason.  I have had 3 hospital stays and lost several games on time.  That will not happen again.  First, I do not expect to go to the hospital anytime soon.  Second, the iPhone app lets me play just about anywhere and I have an auto time-out.  That would not help me in these no time-out tournaments, but it would help some.


OK, so we have the background of the two combatants.


I started with the English opening, knowing often it transforms into the Kings’s Gambit.  This one morphed into the 4 pawn attack.  Antron will sometimes play just weird things to give you a headache.


Here is how we got to the position:  I will not give you the game as to protect the guilty.  




The 8 Pawn Defence.  Keep your eyes open.  I am sure it will be in “New in Chess” in a upcoming issue.  For those of you who do not recognize the picture, that is Looney Tunes character Foghorn Leghorn who was famous for saying “Boy, I say boy, it is a joke son, a joke” .  This game happened just as laid out, but I doubt it will be duplicated on purpose ...


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