BREAKING NEWS: I am an expert!

BREAKING NEWS: I am an expert!

Jul 9, 2017, 11:22 PM |

Photo robbed from google.

If you had told me that I'd become an expert during this tournament, I would have believed you. I felt lucky enough to do it, and I did!

And it wasn't that surprising. I was 1989 going into this event, it was bound to happen at some point. Still, it's nice to have finally done it.

It was the July Tornado, a 4 round Game in 60 event held at the Seattle Chess Club every month. I wasn't able to play in the first round, I showed up late, so I got a half point bye in that game.

In round 2, I got to play an 800, since she was the lowest rated player with one point, and I won.

The next game, I played another young girl, Sophie Tien, rated in the 1600s. I played a Catalan and managed to get an edge and set a trap, winning a pawn, and subsequently the game.

It was going well so far. However, the last round would be the most critical. It was against Joseph Levine, the prodigy who had gone to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago and tied for first in his section, winnings thousands of dollars. He'd beaten me in our last game, so I wanted revenge. Unfortunately, I had black.

The game started off as a Petroff's, with him playing the 5.Nc3, which is meant to go for a crazy kingside attack. I managed to trade off queens but enter a worse endgame. After a while, however, he wasn't able to find a good plan, and missed a move in which I was able to win a pawn, and then I managed to enter a rook endgame in which my pawn was closer to promotion. He blundered by letting me trade rooks, giving me an easy win. To be funny, I promoted 3 pawns to knights, and thus did the "3 Knights" mate, which I've done once before.

I checked the rating estimator, and it said that's I would be 2005 after this tournament, a new high! So beware everyone! Seattle's newest expert is here to make you miserable!

Full blog to come out "soon", which might be this week or in a month, as long as I don't lose the notation papers.