RAR match vs. anshulcgm2

RAR match vs. anshulcgm2

Oct 4, 2016, 10:10 AM |

Photo courtesy of Joseph Truelson. Anshul runs from the camera, as usual. Taken without his permission.

Yesterday, as I went into live chess, I noticed that Anshul was in live chess! My record with him going into this match was decent, 39 wins, 20 losses, and a few GM draws. So I was ready to increase my lead and we agreed to play a game. Time Control: Game in 5 with a 5 second increment. We seemed to be about even in this time control.

Game 1: White wins

In the first game I had White, and I made sure to take full advantage of the opportunity.

That was an encouraging game for me. That'll make him give up the French! I though. He'll have to play 3...c5 if he wants to have decent positions. But I should have realized that I won because I was White, not because of my skill.

Me vs. Anshul: 1-0

Game 2: White wins again

I was confident that I could show Anshul who really is the best. The one who is great at quick time controls is surely great at slow time controls too, right? I hoped so. 

Anshul said that he had to homework (Terrible! Why is he putting that in higher importance than me!) so we couldn't play the whole evening. But after half an hour he was excited to play. This time, we decided to do a simul. We would play two games against each other at the same time! Yes! I though. I am better at quick time controls, right?
Me vs. Anshul: 1-1
Games 3 and 4, played at the same time
White doesn't stop winning!
So I was now behind in the match! But in the meantime, the other game was looking good.
Me vs. Anshul: 2-2
It's interesting why White is doing so well in this match. Odd. Anyways, Me and Anshul decided to have a fun finale: 4 games simultaneously, still at G/5 +5! Unfortunately for Anshul, here my simul expierence as well as my 2000 blitz rating seemed to show.
The 4 game simul: Games 5-8: It's not White wins, but I win!
The first game ended sadly, without much of a fight. He tried to RAR me, but I became a Hypermodern and took his center pawn.
I was happy to claim the first Black victory in the match. But the other games weren't nearly as clear. In the next game, me and Anshul showed each other that we have no experience with the Modern at all! 
Ironically, in our first 4 games White won, but now, Black is winning, and faster! But in my games as White, I manged to also do well.
These games went well for me, after all I am a better blitz player than Anshul. But in the last game, he put up a scary fight. By the way, in our 4 game simuls. Anshul was also running into time trouble and nearly timed out while I had around 3 minutes. That's the nice thing about moving fast in simuls! The time advantage magnifies itself. I like doing that in bughouse too. Bughouse simuls are great! 
Me vs. Anshul: 6-2
So it appears that I do well in quick simuls. Anyways, this was a really fun experience.
The main reason that I wanted to make this blog is to tell you guys that Anshul agreed to do a 10 game simul match, G/120 +30 match this Saturday at noon! Exciting! I'll be letting you guys know about that. It will very interesting. So make sure that he keeps his word and plays in the match, and doesn't leave. Since the photo shows you that he loves to run away, get somebody to tie him down.