Panov Attack: Huebner vs Hermann, Germany, 1984

Nov 3, 2013, 12:38 PM |

Robert Huebner, the German GM was a real force in the 70's and 80's.  A strict opening theoretician, his games often featured the cutting edge of contentious systems. 

This game occurred in the German Chess League during the '83/'84 season, and is a fine example of the "modern" system in the Panov Attack in the Caro-Kann.  In this system, White allows a ruined Pawn structure on the Kingside in order to get the initiative.  The resulting positions are quite complicated, often too difficult to calculate or evaluate clearly. Thus the opening requires considerable experience and judgment.

If you play through this game and read the commentary, you will gain insight on how to play this difficult line in the Caro-Kann.  Games like this should be reviewed periodically if you practice either side of this line.