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World Maths Day 2013 And A Very Sweet Victory

World Maths Day 2013 And A Very Sweet Victory

Apr 26, 2013, 2:41 PM 4

Hello Chess.com! This is my first ever blog post so it might not be as good as other blog posts. In this blog post I will talk about my peferomance in World Maths Day 2013. This may not have anything to do with Chess but in the next half of the blog I will talk about my sweetest victory ever. 

Well, first World Maths Day. I am very pleased with how I did. I got 1st place in England (for the third time in a row), 1st place in the UK, first place in Europe and 6th place in the world. Around 6,000,000 people particapated so to get to 6th place is not that bad. What I did to acheive this was simple. Practice. With practice my best score was 114. That's 114 mental arithmatic questions in just 60 seconds. Overall I averaged 84.68 questions per minute. Now I will talk about my sweetest Chess victory ever!

My sweetest Chess victory took place at school when I was playing the undefeated school Chess champion (Mr Cowell). I had played him many times before and of course he beat me almost every time. My best at the time was only a draw; however during this game I had played the Danish Gambit

Mr Cowell didn't let me play the full Danish because after Bc4 he defended the pawn and said that taking the next pawn was 'dodgy'. I did go on to win partialy because I had a better position (although Mr Cowell was up on points) but mostly because I had seen a pin he hadn't. That pin cost him his Queen and because the pawn was pinned to the King he couldn't recapture. In other words I had taken his Queen and he resigned. That was the first time anyone had ever beaten him (and hopefully not the last)! I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog post and I will certainly post more in the future.

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