Game is not over-Romantic story

Game is not over-Romantic story

Mar 17, 2016, 8:34 AM |

                Vijay pressed his temples. He came to know that he is going to lose. The blunder he had made in 23rd step left him on the edge of losing position. In just 4 or 5 steps, he is going to get ‘checkmate’. He has been thinking for the past 15 minutes to escape from defeat but could not able to find the way. Helpless Vijay moved pawn in front of king to one step forward. Without thinking a second, Sahithi removed that pawn with the help of knight that she kept as ‘outpost’. Game over!

                ‘outpost’ point, If once created, in chess with the help of knight, then it can be of so much useful. It can be used for both attacking and defending. That’s why it should be neutralized as early as possible. Vijay got the opportunity neutralizing it in 23rd step.  But he did not do that. At that time, he underestimated the brilliance of Sahithi. And so now he is paying for his mistake.

                “Pch…” Vijay sighed. Sahithi smiled. She has a habit of smiling when victory conformed to her. Though she left professional chess, she did not leave her habit. Vijay saw Sahithi smiling. He resigned. Auditorium sounded with the claps of spectators. Vijay gave shake hand to Sahithi as act of congratulations.

                “Madam, winning against your husband and that too on world champion, how are you feeling?” one journalist asked to Sahithi.

                “Winning over world champion is always special and happy” smiling Sahithi said in reply.

                Vijay, an Indian grand master and current world champion. Just at the age of 23, he won ‘world championship’ title and managed to keep that with him for the past five years. He is going to participate as ‘defending champion’ to defend his title that is going to be held in USA later this year. If he win and managed to defend his title this year too, then he will be placed top in the records as first Indian grand master to win title 6 times in a row. This time, competitor challenging him is 20 years old young player of USA. Vijay saw Sahithi in a facilitation function held to him when he won championship title for the first time. Looks of both matched and both liked each other. After enjoying life as lovers for 4 years, both got engaged same date last year. Sahithi left professional chess three years back.

                “how are you feeling sir?” asked same journalist to Vijay. He nobbed gently. He looks little upset. His face turned into black color. His body language is not cool. Second by second he is looking at his watch. He wanted move out of that place as early as possible. Is he feeling insult of his defeat over Sahithi? Sahithi has an eye on him watching his behavior.

                “sir, just now you have lost to your wife who left professional chess 3 years back. And also you have shared top position with some other guy in a tournament held two weeks back. So based on your present form, is it not hypothetical to believe that you will retain championship title this year?” another journalist pointed straight question to Vijay. Whole auditorium went into silence. Muscles of Vijay’s face became tight. Just to lighten the atmosphere there,

                “okay, that’s enough! Its delayed. We have already taken a lot of their time” coming middle, said one of the organizers of the function, avoiding the question. Vijay stood up from chair with force. Even with more force, he walked away from that place without saying anything to anyone. Even he said nothing to Sahithi and left her too. Not only to her but also to the people over there, Vijay behavior was shocking.

                Vijay was thinking all the way to home in the car. He is remembering an incident happened in the morning between him and Sahithi.

                “Sahithi.. I am ready and waiting for you since half an hour, where are you?” shouted Vijay sitting on sofa in front room.

                “Yes coming.. Coming..” replied Sahithi from inside and came outside. After looking at her, Vijay immediately stood up from sofa.

                “Fantabulous!” unknowingly uttered Vijay looking at her from top to bottem.

                With sleeveless blouse and work saree, and that too leaving the hair freely back side, Sahithi looks damm beautiful to him. He approached her. He placed his hands around her neck above her shoulders contacting her forehead with his forehead and said,

                “Wow… You look wonderful” in husky voice. She smiled with her eyes but did not say anything.

                “I swear! You look so beautiful. I am really confused and not able to understand how to praise your beauty. I am lack of words”

                “Praise beauty?”

                “Yes praise beauty! Even after looking at your stunning structure and did not praise it, it is nothing but committing big a sin. But I am really in a dilemma from which part I should start praising your beauty. I think it is good starting from your romantic eyes…. or even from juicy lips? If not both of them, starting from soft cheeks is also justified.  But I also think your silky hair also deserves first praise. Okay, you tell me, from which part should I start praising your beauty?”

                “I am really surprised to see that a top most chess player can tell poetry too”

                “Of course I can tell poetry. And one step forward, if you give me green signal, I can tune it and sing a song for you”

                “Yup you can do if you want so. But if we both sit here and sing songs to each other, time will run and your plans will spoil”

                “No!… I won’t let that happen” he went away from her, “I have made lot of arrangements for our first anniversary to celebrate. I assure you, you will surely surprise with all my plans. But you are looking very cute and I am not able to leave you dear… ah what should I do!?” he again went near to her. He again surrounded her with his hands.

                “If I am really looking that cute, you don’t say words. You act” said she romantically.

                “Yes, you are right! I should have acted rather saying words” said Vijay and slightly bent back side and looked at her lips. Those are attractive and in glossy pink. He bent his head to catch and kiss them. Sahithi also co-operated with him by raising head and lifting her feet. Just when both of their lips are about to meet, suddenly calling bell sounded.


                Vijay was struck with disappointment and sided away from Sahithi. He went to see who is sounding the bell. Watchmen stood in front of the door. Vijay asked him about the matter.

                “Sir, someone came from Asha foundation. They wanted to meet you” said watchmen. Vijay is not in mood to meet them. He directed watchmen to convey them about his inability to meet. But Sahithi stalled him. She advised Vijay to meet them and know about their purpose of coming. He agreed. He asked watchmen to send them to him. Watchmen went and sent them. They explained the purpose of their visiting to Vijay.

                “No! I can’t come. How can I come? You must have told me few days before. Inviting now and asking me to come at the last moment is not fair process” said Vijay after listening to them. Actually the organizers of the Asha foundation came to Vijay to invite him for the 10th anniversary of their organization. Today is the function day.

                “Yes sir, we admit it. Fault is on our side. We must have invited you earlier. But actually, just now we came to know that you were in India. So we thought, it would be nice if you come to our 10th anniversary function. Union sports minister also coming. He is also very much interested about your presence there”

                “Even though I can’t come. sorry” said definitely. Sathithi whacked him again. Taken him sideways around. She advised him to accept the invitation and also said refusing to come even when union sports minister is coming, not a diplomatic way. Vijay convinced and accepted the invitation.

                Then as a consequence Vijay, attending the function, lost to Sahithi and angrily came. He looked at his watch once again. It’s been nearly four in the evening. Embarrassed Vijay smashed his hand on steering as he on his way to home.

                Sahithi started to home on a taxi. She is thinking. Why Vijay behaved like that? How can walk like that leaving her alone even at anniversary day? Is he feeling insult of her win over him? Both play chess occasionally at home. Last night also they have played. Then also Vijay lost to her. Whatever maybe the reason, Vijay is not taking the game seriously. He is thinking everyone is lower than him he is the superior. Both have exchanged words about the same last night. Sahithi recollected the conversation happened between them last night.

                “Wow! You have improved a lot. Your play was very good. You defeated me” said Vijay to Sahithi after the finish of the game.

                “I was not playing well, you are not playing well” said Sahithi instead.

                “Yes I am, in front of beautiful devil, got disturbed and distracted from the game”

                “Be serious Vijay. Do not take the other player lightly. If you do so, your aim to create record will not fulfill. You must win title this year to set the record”

                “Do not worry Sahithi. I am going win the title this year too. Remember?, I won the rapid chess tournament on the same guy who is challenging me. He is just like a kid in front of my experience. Just twenty years young player. He cannot defeat me” said Vijay proudly.

                “Do not forget, you are also young player when you first won championship title. Just twenty-two years” said Sahithi like a warning.

                “Come on Sahithi! Why are you criticizing me? You are talking like outsiders. You must support me rather criticizing” Vijay totally upset over Sahithi words.

“I am not criticizing you Vijay, I am warning you”

“Let’s stop it here” Vijay left that place.

Sahithi did not allow the conversation to go further yesterday. And today Vijay seems mentally upset. First she should calm him. Otherwise this could show affect on his game. She reached home with strong determination. She switched the calling bell. Vijay opened the door right away. His face is not angry but placate. He was wearing lalchipyjama.

“Hi, come! I have been waiting for you” said Vijay and walked towards bed room. She followed him. Because of spice spray, whole bed room delivers great flavor. Room also cooled with AC which was so pleasant.

“what is happening here?” asked Sahithi.

“let’s play chess game and see who will win” replied Vijay.

“But where is the chess board?” Sahithi looked around but she could not find chess board anywhere there and so she asked Vijay.

“For the game we are going play now, we do not require chess board. You and me are enough” said Vijay.

“How can we play chess without board?”

“We can! Because now we are not going to play real chess but going to play romantic chess”

“Romantic chess!?” she exclaimed.

“Yes romantic chess!”

“What do you mean by romantic chess?” still Sahithi could not able to understand what Vijay is saying.

“Let me tell you” said Vijay and came close to Sahithi. He lifted her and gently layed her on the bed. He said,

“For romantic chess, we do not require chessboard. Not even pawns are required. Just one bed, king and queen are enough. Let me play my first move. In real chess, my favorite opening is ‘kings Indian attack’ but here, it’s your lips” Vijay has locked her lips with his lips. Yet Sahithi not able to understand what’s going on. But she closed her eyes with utmost ecstasy. Vijay kept on going.

“And now according to the opening I made, I will start attacking. According to my plan, I must attack your neck first” said Vijay and went down to her neck thru her chin. And started the war, war of kissing. Sahithi did not stop him and allowed his attack on her. Vijay took of Sahithi’s shawl.

“Morning I missed the opportunity to neutralize your ‘outpost’ there. But here, I don’t repeat the same mistake again” Vijay went further down to Sahithi, started looting her chest. Sahithi too sent her fingers into the hair of Vijay and hardly pressed his head towards her. From then, there is no talking between them. Just play! Vijay’s hands went to every corner of Sahithi’s body. Sahithi also helped Vijay to the extent she can and cooperated to his romantic attack. In that game of 20 minutes, Sahithi got checkmated and awarded victory to Vijay. Both taking rest after the play. Sahithi slept on Vijay’s chest.

“Why did you left me there and came like this?” she asked him.

“Then what should I do? I made big arrangements to celebrate our first anniversary. But they came in the middle and invited us. You also advised me attend. We went. What they did? They did not leave us for four hours and also asked to play a game too. All my plans got spoiled. Moreover the questions of those journalists made me angry and I cloud not control myself. I know it is wrong to leave you alone like that. But at that time, nothing was in my mind” said Vijay.

“I thought you were angry with me of my win over you and so you left”

“No I am not. In fact you winning was good for me. Now I came to know that I need to change my mind. I was really upset over your words last night and argued with you. But now my eyes were open. You don’t fear. The same way how I won over you here in this game, will continue the same form, and win there in that game too. I will definitely retain championship title” said Vijay. Immediately Sahithi moved up and kissed him on his forehead. She also said,


“not you won but ‘we’ won. So up for another game? But this time, it’s my turn to make first move” she closed his lips with her lips. For any game, there will be end at some point of time and we can say game over! But here, however, this game is not over.