Just A Romantic Story

Jul 26, 2015, 3:11 AM |

                Prashant recline on the bed. Isitha lying next to him. There is only six inch distance between them. But what’s the use? He could not reach her. This is happening since year. Since year, he has been on starvation. Prashant turned his head and looked at her. She is lying back on that side. With long hair till below navel and curvy body, that too in moon light bed light, Isitha looks so beautiful. In fact sexy. And so romantic feelings emerged in Prashant. He could not able to control feelings. But Isitha will not agree for romance. He took a deep breath and released air in order to control his emotions. After watching her for a while, Prashant diverted his attention towards sealing and started thinking. He recalled the conversation happened between him and his friend cum physiatrist Dr. Rahul Bharadwaj in the morning.

                “hey dude what’s up…. Came to me suddenly without any information! But I think it’s your office time right?” looking at wall clock behind him said Rahul Bharadwaj. He offered Prashant to take a seat.

                “I did not come here as a friend but as patient” said Prashant in reply. He sat in front of Rahul.

                “Patient! Why… What is the problem?”

                “Problem is not with me. It’s with Isitha”

                “Isitha? What happened to her?”

                “I am not able to understand. She is not allowing me to reach her”


                “Yeah she is not allowing me to reach her”

                “I didn’t get you”

                “Well….. I don’t know how to say… but…. Ok let me put you in this way. She is not agreeing to do romance with me”


                “I don’t know. It’s happening since a year. Since year, she is keeping herself away from me”

                “State your problem clearly. Otherwise we cannot find the solution”

                “Nothing man…. Isitha is a great believer in god. She also got great knowledge in myths. She goes to prophecies at regular intervals. Year back, she went to lectures of one philosopher. There the philosopher told Isitha that, in order to reach god after death, one should leave all these life burdens and must focus only on god. He also told her that having romance and sex is nothing but committing big sin and that can lead to non acceptance our soul by god. From then she started putting me away from her”

                “Is she literate?”

                “Yes of course she completed graduation”

                “You both haven’t had children yet right?”

                “Yeah we haven’t! Actually it is my idea of not to have children. I thought of enjoying life without children for some years. She agreed. But now, after seeing all these, I am getting doubt that we will not have children at all”

“If she agreed with your proposal of not having children, it shows that she is not orthodox girl and thinks modernly”

“Of course she is a modern girl. Thinks normally like us and she loves me a lot too. Except in that case, till today, she takes care of all my necessities”

“Before this problem, have you both enjoyed sex life? I mean…. is she happy?”

“Yeah she was so happy. I am sure about it. In fact we both were so happy”

“Then what are you doing all these days? Why don’t you consult me earlier? Why did you waited for one year?”

“I waited whether she would change her mind all this year. But she didn’t changed”

“ok. After listening to you, it seems that so called lectures of philosopher shown heavy impact on Isitha’s mind. Those lectures created some disturbance in her mind. But you told that you both were enjoyed and so happy about your sex life. It means there might be some memories still exists in her sub conscious mind. I mean to say happy and romantic memories. You need to electrify those memories. You go once and talk to her….”

“Nothing use in it. She will not agree” Prashant came in the middle.

“Yes I know. That’s why you do one thing. When Isitha is in busy mood or in Trans situation, you go and catch her tightly. Like surprise touch. Even if Isitha protest, don’t leave her and hug her more tightly. Sometimes we can bring feelings that are in sleepy mode in heart thru touch. Because of your sudden touch after long time, she might forget her determination and become yours. Try once. If any wrong thing happens, we can think of another idea” said Rahul as advice.

This was the conversation that happened between Rahul and Prashant in the morning. After recalling it, Prashant once again turned his head towards Isitha and looked at her. Nothing changes in her. She is sleeping peacefully. Prashant decided to act according to what Rahul advised there itself. He went near to her and placed his hand on her navel. There is no reaction from Isitha. Prashant went much nearer to her and there is no gap between them. He forwarded he hand from her navel to her belly and pressed there. There is small movement in Isitha.

“No Prashant… please leave me” small reaction came from Isitha.

But Prashant didn’t leave her. He passed his hand from her belly towards her chest. From back side, he kissed on her neck and took a deep breath of fragrance of her hair and kept his head in the curve of her neck. Using his mouth, he passed his lip signatures to her from neck to shoulders. At the same time, he is moving his hand on her body. Chemical reaction started in Isitha. Slowly she is going into Prashant’s control. Prashant too got the sense of Isitha’s helplessness. So he increased his speed of action by passing his hand on her body to where ever he can. This continued for about five minutes. Isitha almost went into Prashant’s control. But suddenly her mind became active. She thrown Prashant forcefully from her and stood up. Prashant stuned with Isitha’s reaction.

“What is this Prashant? This is not correct. Why don’t you understand?” angry Isitha shouted.

“What is wrong in it?” Prashant exclaimed.

“You cannot understand it. This is wrong. That’s it! If you cannot control, say to me. I’ll go and sleep in another room”

“Not necessary! You sleep here. I’ll go and sleep in other room” even though Prashant said these words in peaceful manner, Isitha can understand the anger that shown in Prashant’s eyes. He came out of the room. Just to exbit his protest, while coming out of the room, Prashant firmly laid bed room door.

Prashant is not getting sleep. He was thinking. Thinking on how to convince Isitha. But he is not getting any solution. He also had the thought of telling this problem to parents but he didn’t. Because of sleeplessness, he opened his laptop and started checking mails. While checking them, suddenly 3rd mail drew his attention. He opened and amazed to remember because foreign delegates were visiting his office tomorrow. He completely forgot about them because of this problem. Immediately he picked up his cell phone and called his personal secretary Shashi, enquired about arrangements. Shashi assured Prashant about all the arrangements done and also said not to worry. And also advised him to come to hotel directly 10 o’clock in the morning. After listening to Shashi, Prashant got relaxed, kept his laptop aside and went into sleep at late night.

Prashant woke late in the morning. Within 5 minitues he managed to complete his daily routines. He kept himself busy in cross checking the presentation copy and collecting important files for the meeting. He didn’t even have time to eat tiffien. So he prepared to leave home even without telling to Isitha.

“Prashant, where are you going? Tiffin is ready” Isitha stopped and asked Prashant while leaving.

“No” pat came reply.

“Why? I prepared your favorite dish ‘menti parota’”

“I will eat in the hotel”

“Why do you eat in the hotel? I prepared your favorite dish. Come sit and eat. Otherwise you will left with hunger”

“What is your problem if I eat in the hotel? Satisfaction of hunger is important! Even if I eat in the hotel I can satisfy my hunger” said Prashant in little harsh voice and walked away. Isitha left with tears.

It took nearly 4 O’clock in the evening for Prashant to give presentation to foreign delegates and make agreement with them. Professional has been completed. Now must focus on personal work. As soon as the office work completed, Prashant went to Rahul and said everything what happened at night. Rahul listened to the whole.

“Ok then I will come to your home tomorrow for lunch” said Rahul after listening.


“I’ll say then”

“Your wish”

“I’ll come with my family”


Prashant reached home late in the night. Isitha waited for Prashant till the time without having supper. Both had supper together. Prashant replied Isitha everything what she has asked in small and little words. He went to bed room after supper and sat on the bed. After while, Isitha came to the room. She took blanket and pillow on the bed into her hands and prepared herself to go out of the room. Prashant stopped her.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“You sleep here on bed. I’ll go and sleep on sofa in the hall” she said.

“Not required! I already told you yesterday. You only sleep here. I’ll go away”

“No…you….” Isitha nagged.

“Please listen to my words at least in this matter” said Prashant and walked towards the door. But he forgot to say about tomorrow’s Rahul visit to Isitha. So he turned back and,

“I forgot to say. Tomorrow Rahul and his wife are coming for lunch” said to Isitha.

“Why anything special?”

“Nothing special. I just invited him casually”


“okay” said Prashant and left.

As mentioned, the other day, Rahul went to Prashant’s house for lunch. Both Prashant and Isitha were surprised with Rahul’s presence. Actually they were not surprised with Rahul’s presence but were surprised with Sunanda’s un-presence, Rahul’s wife. In fact they were not required to get surprised if  Sunanda didn’t come. But they got surprised because Rahul bought other women in the place of Sunanda as his wife.

“sunanda didn’t come?” asked Prashant.

“No Swapna came” said Rahul. He sat on sofa. Swapna also seated.

“Who is she?”

“She is my wife man”

“Wife!?” both Prashant and Isitha uttered at the same time.


“What is this? When did you marry her? What about Sunanda?” asked Prashant. He was very much in confused state.

“That’s a big story man. Takes lot time to explain. But I’ll tell you in short. Sunanda went into deep Vairgyam(depression) in recent days. She read somewhere that we will get Mukti(salvation) only if we give up Samsaram(life burdens including sex and other things) and everything. From then she started putting me away. Actually I came here to introduce Swapna to both of you”

“That means you left Sunanda or what?”

“No I didn’t leave her. We were together. Till today and forever she will my Dharmapatni(status of first and main wife). Swapna is just my Kamapatni”

“Kamapatni!? What do you mean by Kamapatni?” asked Prashant.

“Don’t you know about Kamapatni? I think Isitha might knew about it. In good olden days, kings used to marry hundreds of women just to satisfy their wants. They will have only one wife as Dharmapanti and she enjoys all the privileges like queen status including power and everything. But Kamapatnis are hundred in numbers. Swapna is like Kamapatni to me. This kind of concept exists in myths too”

“But it is wrong know?...”

“Nothing wrong in it man. This concept exists in myths too. Ask Isitha if you have doubt”

“However, while claiming to do so would you do unfair to Sunanda?” angry Isitha asked Rahul.

“No Isitha nothing unfair in it. Given that, still my first preference will be given to Sunanda. In fact she herself attended my wedding with Swapna and made all things to get happen in correct manner”

“No I don’t agree. You are taking advantage of Sunanda’s innocence and justifying your act”

“No I am not. Moreover it’s the personal issue of our three. There is no requirement necessary of other’s acceptance. They also not required intervening” said Rahul seriously. Isitha left that place angrily. Rahul smiled and stood up. Swapna also stood up.

“Okay I am going. If my analysis is correct, today your problem gets solved. Tomorrow you are going to tell good news to me” said Rahul to Prashant.

“Hey all you were doing is not correct. Isitha was right. You are using the innocence of Sunanda” said Prashant in anger.

“Hey dude I don’t have any connection with Swapna. She is one my staff members. I just played drama to treat Isitha. I think she understood. Your problem is solved”

“Really….” Prashant could not believe it.

“Yes but don’t tell this to Isitha immediately. Tell her some other time. Enjoy the day. Good night” Rahul walked away. Immediately Prashant went to Isitha. She was inside crying in bed room.

“How can you leave us like that and come here? don’t you know how to behave when a guest arrived?” Prashant asked Isitha. She didn’t react. Meanwhile Prashant’s cell vibrated. He took the phone into his hand and attended the call.

“Hello Shashi?” Shashi called Prashant.

“Sir, you have to come to office urgently” there Shashi told.

“Why?” Prashant asked.

“Foreign delegates wants to make some changes in the agreement. You have to come and should look at it”

“Okay” Prashant ended the call. He turned back to go to office not even mentioning single word to Isitha.

“Where are you going… to Shashi?” said Isitha. Prashant turned towards Isitha and said yes.


“Got little work”

“I know what the work is… you are using Shashi right?”

“What!?” Prashant exclaimed.

“Don’t act smart. I know everything. I listened everything what you have spoke to Shashi before night. I have listened your conversation with Shashi stating you come to hotel at 10O clock. That’s why you have not eaten breakfast yesterday. Now, you are going to bring Shashi to home as substitute to me like Kamapatni right?” she said.

Isitha heard Prashant talking to Shashi on the phone before night. But she did not listened full conversation. She just listened Prashant stating that he will come to hotel at 10 o’clock. That’s what Isitha said to Prashant now. Prashant understands Isitha’s miss understanding. He tried to explain her. But suddenly flash idea came into his mind. According to it,

“Yes what you have thought is correct. I am going to meet Shashi now” he said.

“You are cheating on me. You are doing mistake”

“I am not doing any mistake. I am not cheating on you. As Rahul I do give my first preference to you only. Except for that requirement, I do everything according to and as what you said”

“No I don’t agree. You are solely belongs to me. Could not share you with anyone. I will satisfy your want right now. It’s my responsibility and right too” said Isitha strongly.


Stated Isitha went forcefully into Prashant and hugged him. She started giving kisses to him. Prashant tried to stop her. But he could not do so. Year’s desire made him helpless. Thought of romance made him crazy. Both felt on bed. Bed turned into dining table where Isitha’s beauty seemed like treat to Prashant. He ate her beauty to his full potential. He researched every corner her body and found heavenly thing and so heat decreased. Want satisfied. After satisfying both of their wants, Prashant slept on Isitha’s chest to take rest. He was thinking. He didn’t tell Isitha that Shashi is not a girl but boy and his full is Shashi Kumar. He didn’t even forget to say thanks to Rahul in his mind.