Alligators and Spirit Monsters

Feb 20, 2012, 9:47 AM |

...The fact that I could even dream up something like this only proves all the more that I'm insane.

I don't remember all of the minor details, specifically.  The parts I do remember the most are the very beginning, some bits in the middle, and then a little towards the end... But there are pieces missing to the story.  Let me tell you right now, though; this is possibly the most complicated dream I've ever dreamed, and as I'm sure you know, some dreams are really difficult to remember.

I was in Mr. Meszaros' room.  (I think that's how you spell his name.)

Many of you don't know, but this guy is a seventh grade teacher.  I'm in tenth grade.  I don't know what I was doing there, but for some reason, it was like I went there everyday -- and that day just happened that we were taking some sort of test.  Was it an actual test?  Or was it a survey?  I remember glancing at a few of the questions, but I can't remember what they said.  The first one, though, I do know, was simply to write your name.  I did so.

Oh, yeah.  Besides Mr. Meszaros being there, there was also some other lady (I do not think she was ever given a name) that was "observing" the class.  I think she was the reason we were taking the survey.  Unfortunately for me, she had come on a previous day in school, as well -- but I hadn't been there that day, and so, I had next to no idea what I was really doing.  Too afraid of looking like an idiot, I didn't raise my hand to ask.

So, I began attempting to take this survey/test.  There were two sides.  One side for personality/opinion questions, and another for what I could only assume to be common knowledge questions.  What, were they attempting to see just how smart (or stupid) all of their students were?  But for some reason, I had trouble marking down and differentiating the two.  I kept putting the opinion question answers where I was supposed to mark down the other answers, and then I would realize my mistake, and erase it -- only to repeat the same cycle over and over again.  This lasted for... Well, in my dream, it only lasted for a few seconds, as I observed.  But I think it was actually for about a half an hour, in class time.

Mr. Meszaros made his rounds.  He saw what little I had done: writing only my name.  "If you aren't going to do anything, what's the point of having this?"  He took my papers from me, crumpled them up, and started walking towards the trash can at the front of the room; surprisingly enough, I followed.

I grabbed him by the back of the gray shirt he was wearing, pushed him to the side, and grabbed the paper that he had thrown away.  My survey.  I was furious with him.  No, furious wasn't the word... I was seething.  I turned to him, and I think I said something like:  "Maybe if you would open your eyes, you would see why things happen the way they do sometimes!"

I was talking about much more than just a little survey.

The expression he gave me was a shocked one.  By this time, the entire class (including the "observer") was staring at me, and I took one glance at them, before noticing that someone was grabbing something from my desk.  What was it?  That much, I don't remember.  But I bolted for the boy, grabbed whatever he had taken out of his hand, and then rushed out of the classroom.  My destination: the front doors of the school.  Currently, I was no longer just one observing the dream -- I had managed to get inside my own head, in my head.  I had to get out of there.  I don't know why, but I felt like I was at risk of dying, even.  (Turns out later, I was right.)  Why was it taking so long to get there?

I reached the top of the stairs -- the stairs that led down to the front doors of the middle school.  (Honestly, why was I in the middle school?)  There's a commons area just in front of the top of stairs, and much to my surprise, all of the teachers in the school were having a meeting when I arrived.  A meeting about me, and how they knew I was planning to escape.  "We must keep her here at all costs!" one of them said.  As if their lives depended on it.  One of them spotted me and, instead of bolting for the stairs, I bolted for the bathroom right next to the stairs -- the men's bathroom.  I don't know what compelled me to go in there, but there was a secret passage in one of the stalls that led to the first floor of the middle school.  It was the section of the middle school that's technically only used as part of the high school.  (The two are connected.)  I dashed for the door that I used to enter everyday to get to Mr. Zinn's Algebra II class, and in front of me, the front doors of the middle school.

I was so close.  And yet, I looked both ways, and I realized that everyone was chasing me.

I managed to make it to the front doors before anyone grabbed me, and even outside.  They were close behind.  The one I remember being there the most, though, was Mr. White.  He acted as a dictator in this scenario.

The entire school was outside to greet me.  The students, I mean; obviously, all of the teachers were chasing me.  I reached the end of the concrete area in front of the middle school, but the layout was slightly different than it is in reality... There was a little island in the center of the road, covered in grass, and past that island was an even thicker patch of grass.  I stood on the island.

"If you come back now, it won't be too late!"  I remember hearing Mr. White saying.  I don't remember exactly what he said next, but the students that had been inside the school started to crowd around the island.  A few of them grabbed me.  I tried to fight, and push, but they kept pushing back, and twice as hard -- taking me back towards the concrete.  At least, this was what I had originally thought.  Turns out, they had started to pull me back, at least to make it look good; but they were actually on my side.  They started pushing again, turning me around and moving me about in a sea of students, until I had practically reached the edge of the school's property.  The last student that helped push me in the right direction gave me an enouraging smile, and pointed off towards the forested area that sits beside the elementary school on the opposite side of the raod.  "Run towards the forest," he said.  "They won't be able to find you there."

And that was exactly what I did.

It didn't take me long to reach the forest, and even pass the forset.  I had reached some sort of oil place, beyond the elementary school.  Aero, I think it's called.  I turned right, and kept on running.  So far, it seemed as if the boy's words had been true -- they had yet to find me.  Silly teachers, running's for kids!

Besides Aero, the entirety of the street I was running on (I was heading home, I suppose) was completely alien to me, but for some reason, I was not bothered by this.  I continued to run.  And even though I thought I was heading home, I thought I was in the clear... Somehow, I managed to run into one of the teachers at our school.  At least, I thought she was.  She didn't look familiar.  Perhaps a bit like the blonde lady that works in the high school library, but it wasn't her, as far as I could tell.  She caught one glance at me, and my stomach immediately twisted into a knot.  Luckily enough, I managed to get away before she could grab me.

I don't know what happened to me next.  For now, my dream was focused on the teacher lady.  I'll call her Blonda, just for convenience purposes.

So apparently Blonda got this idea in her head, see?  She knew I had left the school early, and that everyone was looking for me.  But, her plan... She was concocting a devious plan.  I don't know why, exactly, but... I think that, in my dream, I had something to do with the spirits.  She had to hunt me down so she could take over the spirits.  Heck, maybe I was even a spirit, and she wanted to slay me.  Like how Admiral Zhao was obsessed with slaying the moon spirit so he could conquer the entire North Pole.

What spirits, you may ask?  I'll get to that later.  But I made an Avatar: The Last Airbender reference for a reason.

So, Blonda got started on her plan.  For some reason or another, the building I had encountered her managed to somehow be geographically located beside a swamp-ish creek, which she immediately started towards.  She found a log, and just lazily began drifting down with the current.  Which leads me to explain the aforementioned part of the title.

Hello, Mr. Alligator.

Well, it could have been a crocodile, really.  But I thought that "Alligators" fit more nicely with "Spirit Monsters" than "Crocodiles" would have; and besides, I can't tell the difference between the two, so what does it matter?  Blonda wanted to find this creature.  The purpose?  To help hunt me down.  Unfortunately, it goes back to bite her in the butt later, but my dream cuts over to what I'm doing at this point.

I managed to get closer to my house, out of the way of any danger.  It's strange, though... As I walked, I realized that everywhere I went, people seemed to know who I was.  Like there was some sort of big sticker on my shirt that read:  "Hi, I'm Abby, and I'm that girl that just ran away from school.  Apparently, it's the biggest deal in the history of the world."  Kids would run up to me, asking a bunch of silly questions.  I was like their hero.  And somehow, some of the kids had managed to get their hands on some of the clothes I had had when I was younger!  "Ooh, look what I got!  Oh, but that's nothing compared to this..."  They traded the items like trading cards, and I simply sat back and watched, amazed.  The bunch was performing the spectacle on a set of rather steep stone stairs... And as I looked closer, there was something even stranger to the right of the children, also perched on the stairs.

Bobblehead animals toys.  They were talking.

Looking back on it, they looked an awful lot like the Littlest Pet Shop toys that you can buy in stores, except they had real fur, could move about, had more realistic faces, and weren't so... bobbly.  My focus stayed on them.  And then, my focus shifted from me entirely, and went solely to them, as it had happened with Blonda earlier.

They knew of her plan.  They had to stop her, in order for the spiritual balance to be kept within the town.  I remember my dream vision shifting to a giant tree against a clear night sky, with what looked to be clear glass basins of paint positioned as nests just beneath the topmost branches of the tree.  One in the center had black and white paint in it.  Three others surrounded it in a circular fashion, each equidistant from the other.  The colors were red, blue, and yellow.  I shifted back to watching Blonda.

It seemed as if she was wrestling with the alligator.  Something was special about this specific reptile, it seemed, because she acted as if she needed to get it to calm down in order for her plan to play out properly.  At this point, I remember being completely aware that I was not her, and that I was only watching.  By the time that I had realized this, I told myself that I didn't want her to win.  If she won, she would be able to use the alligator's power to do... Whatever it was she wanted to do.  I remember wishing that the alligator would eat her in one big, fine snap of its jaws.

That's exactly what happened next.

Feeling a slight sense of happiness that I had gotten what I wanted, my vision shifted back to the bobblehead creatures.  But, for some reason, I was still on the swamp!  Why hadn't I gone back to the stairs?  I realized within a few moments.  The bobbleheads were there.  They couldn't see me (I wasn't really there, only my vision was), but they were on some sort of water skis, and were headed towards where the alligator had gone.  The bobbleheads... I think it was a cat and a dog.  The cat was a boy, and the dog a girl.  I think they were a couple.  A couple on a mission, that is.

When they realized what had happened to Blonda... Well, I'm not quite sure what happened next.  This is a part of my dream that's rather fuzzy.  The next thing I remember is the two bobbleheads had decided to climb the tree... The tree that I had seen only briefly not too long ago in my dream... And by the time they reached the top, the vat of black and white paint-looking liquid erupted into a strange sort of form, twirling and meshing together, until it formed... A large, black and white, furry-ish creature.  The bobbleheads knew who it was.  It was the Great Spirit of Balance.

Now that I really think about it, the great spirit that I saw in my dream bears a remarkable resemblance to the Light Spirit, Faron, that can be found in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  The only major difference is that instead of being composed of golden rays of light, this spirit of balance was made entirely of black and white... Reminding me even of Hei Bai, which goes back to A:TLA.  When I say "spirit", I don't mean one that once lived, and is now in the realm of the dead; rather, I mean one that has always been of otherworldly nature.  This is what this "Great Spirit of Balance" was.

The dog and cat talked to the spirit, as if they wanted to calm it down.  They explained things to him.  Explained what had happened at the school, and that the one who threatened to throw things out of balance had been "taken care of" (eaten by an alligator).  The cat (I think he was the smarter of the two) then turned to the vat of black and white paint (there was still some left, despite it also having seemingly been the very composition of the spirit), and he began to wave his hands around, forming different patterns with the paint.  He willed it to do so, I suppose.  I remember there being a Yin-Yang symbol... And then, I remember there being more white than black; a black line dividing white paint in half, and two black dots on either side... I remember, as he formed the different patterns, he explained to the spirit everything that had happened... But even as he was explaining, it seemed as if he was doing so for more than just the spirit to hear.  He explained it in a way that told me he knew that my mind's ears were nearby, listening, and trying to understand.

It's a shame I can't remember how he explained everything.

Something I do want to note, though... The other three vats of paint.  Neither the cat nor dog touched them, but the three colors within them -- that is, red, blue, and yellow -- combined with black and white, can blend together to create all of the colors that the human eye can see.  I think that means something, but I'm not quite sure what.

By the time the cat had finished explaining, the spirit looked... content.  The cat smiled, and started down the tree -- the dog close behind.  The last thing I remember seeing is that damned spirit.

And then I woke up.