Marcus deli at SM 2012

Marcus deli at SM 2012

Aug 10, 2012, 2:08 AM |

This year The Swedish championship was held in Falun at Lugnet Arena. Beatyfull sorounding and lot of chess going on from the elite to junior. My son lined up in Class IV for the second time. His debute was in Västerås the year before and this year he had moore to prove due to his newly upprised intressed to chess.
We talked a lot when we travelled by train to SM 2012 about hes expections and mine expections. Bouth belived that he had a fair chanse to produce somefine results. In a weak moment I took a bet with him. If he should win his group or not? I was rough but honest and said that I didnt belive he could wich made it to a "I dare U"-contest.
Sometimes its all the fuel a 14 year old chessplayer need :)

He won his first two games wild at heart and then he got a chance to meet his nemesis from the last year... Birgitta Nede. She was topranked and he knew that he had her last year but slipped in a critical position. So this time he really wanted to win.

It started like a thunderbolt and pawns where soon in the heat...

1.e4, e5 2.Bc4, Nf6 (Yeah here we go! Marcus likes to get his kings knight active early in the game)
3.d4, d5 4.exd5, Nxd5 (Offering a pawn for development)
5.dxe5, Le6 6.Nf3, Nc6 (Getting his pices out and ready for some aggresion. Birgitta though plays calmly and sound.)
7.o-o, Ndb4?! Onwards the knight goes to provoke and make opponent dassled maybe?
8.Bb3 (better is Bxe6 but Birgitta has doubt about her pawns safety on the quenside), Bxb3 Marcus takes a firm grip on the position and strikes whitout  hessitating!
9.axb3, Qxd1 10. Rxd1,Rd8 11.Rxd8+ In this position its common to belive as beginner that U must keep the option too castle. Marcus did move fast and hi just barely had used 4 minutes untill this point. He keept moving without moore than a brief moment of hesitation cause he used Birgittas time to plan hes actions.
11.-, Nxd8 Better is Kxd8 12.Nc3 (Woaw she doesnt move the rook to c4 wich would have given her a nice position!) , Nb4

Marcus keeps the position very unbalanced and Birgitta keeps using alot of her time to figure out where this is going.


Marcus rushed over to me with a smile from ear to ear. The week was about to getting from good the better. At the end I handed over my wallet and huged him cause he won his class and will play at same class as his sleepy old father next time. I do fear the day when he actually train chess for real but that day will come ;)