Swedish championship, weekend 1

Aug 14, 2016, 5:08 PM |

Springtournament in my club was a race against all odds. Everything that could interfere my abillity to preform god chess was happening in my life. Loosing or only get draw against oponent that I normally would beat makes Jack a dull chessplayer. So weekend tournament in Uppsala was an effort to find the way back to the land of the rising sun in chess! Yeah after rain comes sun...

Began the first three games being sick and got two draw results and one loss after two days. The last day and I meet Leif Schütt from Uppsala ASS and glooves where off!



So If I was in this shitty position wich I all by myself had brought upon me I thought about a kamikaze attack on the kingside. He got some difficulties to manouver hes pieces and I got my adorable bishoppair to deploy against his kingside. Thoose to kamikaze pilots and a rook to go straight into his h-file. Lets se the board and see!

 I planned to strike...23.Bxf5, exf5 24.Nxg5 and later going in with rook on h-file but black can easy meet this by 24.-,Nxf5 .Two pawns for a piece and no attack left kept me from deliver this attack. Didnt se any way to exploit this further!








But later after some days I explored the position even more and saw the move I wanted to go for but didnt could fit in my attack...23.Rh6 And hmmm this would have been nice I think!?

The game went on I my opponent had time trouble and didnt found out how to win.