The next best move!

Jan 31, 2016, 4:02 PM |

The right way to defend in a loosing endgame is not allways to do it the computerway. So maybe letting opponent struggle to keep material though he doesnt need to do that and at the same way make an attacking manouver may be better.

Early in the middlegame I found it impossible to breath and let opponent win take a rook and a pawn for a knight. His two rooks and bishop against my knight, bishop and rook wasnt as easy to win as he thought.


My last move was 15.-,c5 just to open the square c6 for the knight. Better would to swallow the nasty medecine and play 15.-,Rd8 wich would have given 16.Rxd8,Qxd8 17.Rd1,Qc7 and white would have an decisive advantage as Fritz would have said. So c5 it was but white didnt give me time at all for such nonsens and simply played 16.Qg4 and with a quick reallity check I was awaken and reallised that Im about to get crushed. How to survive? Theres no sound way so I head straight in the drycleaner and tossed it up with 16.-,f5?! and my Hans wrinkled hes forehead and thought for a moment he had blundered. I can say he wasted moore time on the clock so far and keept wasting time through the game.





 But the joy of surprising Hans didnt last cause he replied 17.exf6 ep so here we go I thought and was excepting a crushing defeat around the corner 17.-,Bxf6 18.Bd6! Rook to d6 would also have worked out fine but maybe bishop is even better its a matter of taste?! 18.-,Rf7 19.Qxe6 and now I spent some time to figure out how to not making this messier then it needed to be! Finally I could develop the knight and defend at same time 19.-,Nd7






In this time I felt a bit pleased with just loosing a pawn and maybe this feeling was a bit dangerous cause my next few moves was really bad! 20.Qc4,Qc6 21.Bg3,b5? Terrible and maybe in blitz but sure as hell not now 21.-,Be7 needs to be played to stop Nd6 plan! 22.Qd5 and another pawn is about to disaper on c5 after 22.-,Qxd5 23.Rxd5 so I decided to keep pawns on board but loose a rook for a knight. Insane but in for a penny out for a pound maybe?! 22.-,Rc8?! a sad day for sane chess indeed!






And Hans didnt miss this 23.Nd6,Qxd5 24.Rxd5,Nb6 a tempo at least  and wich rook shall I have on the board mmmm better let the f7 go! 25.R5d1,Rc6 26.Nxf7,Kxf7 And whte must struggle at least for the win but I did not hesitate that this would be a loosing game in the end. 27.Rd6,Rc8 28.Rad1,Kg6 and my plan is to activate my pieces and at same time let his preces on a wild goosechase. 29.b3,Kf5 30.R6d3,c4 I try to shake his queenside cause of his lack of a clear plan and cause of his time on the cloock tic tac tic tac moore and moore!






 Active play in loosing position and Hans has to work for the win 31.bxc4,Rxc4 32. Bb8,Ra4 33.Rf3+,Kg6 34.Rg3+ and finally 34.-,Kf7 and a bit silly but his time was running low...I offered remi and now hours afterwards Im a bit ashamed by this silly suggestion! Hans now keept going for trading of my pieces 35.Bc7,Kc4 36.Bd8,Be5 but I didnt let him do that! 37.Rf3+,Kg6 a few mooves left before timecontroll and Hans clock is under 8 minutes and Im on 42 minutes. After moove 40 we booth will get another 30 minutes. In the long run now Hans needs a plan otherwise black will just jump around and kill his clock! 38.g4 and ther goes white for a plan to mate black!






I grabbed his pawn 38.-,Rxa2 39.h4 and now its time to react on the threat 39.-,h5 40.gxh5,Kxh5 41.Be7,Rc2 in the fog of war I pretend to going for another pawn but Im allready planning to bring my knight into the action! He goes for It 42.Bb4 switches back and forward from attack to defence while he should go for my blood a long time ago. We are only humans melody is in my head now when Im writing this. Booth of us agreed after the game on this!!! 42.-,g6 to take away the square f5 from the rook.






Hans went for 43.Rf7,Nd2 into the action and maybe 43.-,a5 would have been better but I wanted his pieces to be out of my way when Im going for my knight-combo. 44.Rxa7,Kg4 and again why not grab the h5 pawn? Not in my game h5 blocks the h-line wich suits me better. 45.Kg2,Ne4 46.Rf7,Bf4 47.Rf1 and yes Im on greenstreeet again at least this was what I feelt at the moment.







Can I win this? Not really I thought but hes time is about to wanish now under 13 minutes and I got 100 minutes! If I want I could jump around and making him loose on time but I thought I had a nice combo going with the knight. 47.-,Nd2?! afterwards I can see that 48.Re1,Nf3 49.Rxf4,Kxf4 50.Bd6+ would have been a gamewinning combo for white. 48.f3+?? and finally maybe tired or stressed Hans fumbles 48.-,Nxf3+ 49.Rf2,Nxh5+ 50.Kf1,Rc1+ 51.Ke2,Rc2+ 52.Kf1,Rc1+ and we agreed to share the points and a bit of the shame of playing bad booth of us!!!