My new favorite feature :)

Jun 16, 2017, 8:04 PM |

It's been a while since I've actually been able to play a game recreationally


As I find myself awake at 4 a.. and too lazy to go on my morning run,  I've decided to take a glimpse on live chess and see what exactly I've been missing the last few months.




Sweet baby bishop, I forgot how much I LOVE playing chess!!!


Unfortunately, I timed out on a game.  I was thisclose  to regaining the upper hand on the boards and sighed a little when the banner flashed across my screen.


Then I remembered that the battle wasn't quite over!  Luckily, I remembered that there was the option to finish out my game against the computer.




Unfortunately, I forgot to change my settings from computer 3 to computer 1.  (So THAT was why this match seemed so much harder compared to my opponent).



I really like this feature.  Sometimes I look back at my games that I timed out on and wonder what could have been.


Now, I see that the possibilities are endless and there was hope that I could have won after all.


*You can try this feature by clicking on the computer icon when your game finishes