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Why Worry about tomorrow?

Why Worry about tomorrow?

Dec 9, 2017, 1:18 PM 8

Why worry about tomorrow?

Why worry about tomorrow, shall I stew about it now?
Shall I say, It is no use, give it up, throw in the towel?
Why worry about tomorrow, will it bring me health and gain?
Or shall I wake up in the morning, in poverty and pain?
Why worry about tomorrow, whatever comes my way?
I've got all that I can handle just to make it through today.
Why worry about tomorrow? There's no point or so it seems.
Will I wake up in the morning and find it's all been just a dream?
Tomorrow is only maybe, and though yesterday was rough.
Today is all I have, and yes, today is quite enough.
Yes, it's fun to dream, and there is nothing wrong with hopes.
But there's still a Master Planner, and He may just tell us Nope.
There is One who holds tomorrow, and only He knows what is best.
So I'll place my hand in His, He will help me meet the test.
I can't worry about tomorrow, it is God's and God's alone.
For today, I'll do my best, and give thanks when it is gone.

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