Chess at the Veterans Affairs

Feb 23, 2009, 1:10 PM |

Today I had another appointment at the VA Hopsital and while I was waiting for my prescriptions to be filled I went into the cafeteria decided to join in with the fellows that were playing chess.

I walked in looking around wondering how to join in. Standing over one board I took stock of the positions and could tell that White was a goner in just a few more moves. Black offered an exchange of Queens and White bit, not taking long to look at the position, Black then swooped in with his Bishop taking the Queen and exposing a Check from the Rook with the Bishop aiming directly at Whites remaining Rook. At this point White resigned saying "Aww, man I knew I moved that wrong."

"Do yo want another game?" White asked? "Naw Man. I gotta run" But I think he wants in," gesturing towards me. I responded "Sure I'll give it a go."

I sat down taking the Black pieces and set them up. This was the first time I played with these guys and they all knew each other so I was a new meat for them, or so they thought. I saw them all sizing me up, looking at my book "Samurai Chess, and commenting on my "Endgame" Wandering King t-shirt. Not sure what to think.

My opponent opened with e4, I responded with c5. The rest of the game went like this.








Well as you can see it was not much of a game. But it was fun.

After the game the guys were all talking trash. I excused myself and left.

I will be back again I told them.