One Day to First Meet of the Season

Oct 27, 2010, 5:35 AM |

With one day, at least we have our top seven confirmed for sure. With all the people that graduated or quit, we'll just have to see who else will come, which more than likely will just be freshmen.

1st board came to no surprise to anyone on our team. He's been our 1st since his sophomore year, and was 2nd his freshmen year. He's a good guy. Our 2nd moved up from 6th last year, and we all have confidence in him....for the most part. He's a cocky guy, but he does well. Our 3rd board moved up from 7th, but he's been busy with other after school activities, so I hope he can come. 4th board is a guy I've known since junior high, made State his freshmen and sophomore year, but quit junior year. He was burned out. But he's back this year, and he's still better than me.

5th board WAS myself, until yesterday, when 6th challenged me. I didn't mind too much. Us two were great friends last year, even when we had to fight over the last slot for state. (Which neither of us got, but that's a story for another time.) He beat me, but he's at least nice about it. So, our 5th board is a great and somewhat sweet guy, and then it's myself at 6th. Our 7th is a guy who isn't amazing at Chess, but he came to all of our tournaments and meets last year, so he was put there for experience. As for our 8th and 9th, we're going to have to see as the season goes on.

I have hopes for a guy who came to some stuff last year, but not everything. I also have hopes for a freshmen who is actually rather decent, but maybe it's because I've known him before school began. But he's beaten me before. If those two were to become our 8th and 9th, I believe we would have a solid team.

As for tommorow though, we'll just have to see.