The Lazy Tactician

Jun 10, 2009, 6:07 AM |

So I realized what the problem was with my tactics. IM LAZY. Not in actually doing the problems thats not the problem as i spend a lot of time doing tactics problems. The problem is i get lazy when calculating variations, I calculate the line that looks most appealing or I will just make the move that looks good, or use my intuition? Either way it was working until i got to the harder tactics problems which is why i havent been progressing.

I read on this other blog post that this guy's coach set up a problem on the board and had him calculate every possible variation, it took him an hour and a half to complete that one problem, this is so called the long way of training tactics. Granted that might not be necessary for simple 3 move combos but that isnt the point. The point is to develop precision in your calculation so that when your otb you are not lazy and end up making a silly mistake.

This is probably the problem people have with tactics trainer, the time limit. I went to chess tempo where they have no limit and i did 5 problems the long way annd got 100% accuracy. 5 problems was all I had time for as it was late at night and im usually extra terrible at concentrating that late. That's my aim from now on 100% accuracy.

Currently im working through silman's how to reassess your chess and he recommends a form of solitaire chess to help develop calculating ability especially with games from Tal. Makes sense as I do this more or less when i memorize my games. I am currently up to 12 games memorized.

Try this puzzle, it is not too difficult if you are not lazy. A very frustrating event to put this damn puzzle in not only that i screwed up cas i put black on the bottom and white on top so the alg. notation is going to be off so if you want a hint no pawn moves.