Wicked Dance

Chess is an intelectual way of coming to blows. It is proof positive that civilazation is only skin deep. [Not by itself of course. lol] Not too long ago we killed each other with the jaw bones of asses. Now we do it with knights, bishops, pawns etc.. Is that why we love it so much?


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    well Eric, interesting thesis; however, erroneous in my view.

    there are still folks using the jawbone or more modern equivalents to 'bash' someone with whom they disagree; we see it every day in the news.

    and I don't believe that those choosing such methods would agree to sit down to a game of chess to satisfy their need to bash.


    no, chess rather, is a way of exercising one's mind, as walking is exercise for the body. it is a way of learning to lose gracefully, to improve one's skills, and to make new friends. when I play, I don't think of destroying the 'other' (except rarely, when they are really snarky), I think of playing the best i can; and if I have, I don't mind losing at  all. I hate it though when I lose to myself.

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    Don't mean to over analyze it, or beat a dead horse here.. But self awareness kicks in from time to time, and ya gotta pay it some heed. That being said, were doing nothing wrong here, so let us enjoy and sharpen our intellect together. Smile

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    What I like best in chess is driving someone into a tight spot

    and then see the game become easy, the actual checkmate

    is only the outcome of the "tight corner" !

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