Golden Gambits Introduction

Golden Gambits Introduction

Sep 9, 2014, 10:06 PM |

Welcome friends, viewers, and opponents to a new series called Golden Gambits! We will be looking at many gambits and asking the question: Are they worth playing and truly golden? We'll go deep into each gambit and give it an extensive analysis. Here is a list of the gambits we'll go through:

  1. King's Gambit Removed due to lack of experince.
  2. Queen's Gambit
  3. Evan's Gambit
  4. Danish Gambit
  5. Smith Morra Gambit Ideas are very similar to the Danish.

If you have any gambits you'd like to see a blog on please comment below. We are also taking a break from the series Understand Chess Openings but will continue after a few series. Now let's understand the meaning of: "Gambit" 

The Merriam Webster defines Gambit as: A chess opening in which a player risks one or more pawns or a minor piece to gain an advantage in position.

Everyone loves the idea of a gambit, but to display great knowledge of the opening is hard without lots of memory work on lines and variations. While memory work in Chess is important, many beginners think it's more important than the principles that support the moves. Now we are prepared for the upcoming blogs on the different gambits and are ready for the fun action involved. But before then let's take a deep breath and relax. Blogs are fun to write, but they take time so give me a day's break and you'll have your blog on the first gambit tomorrow :-)  I'll see you then and comment below on the gambit you want to see first! Thanks, -Kingdom_Hearts

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