SPICE Cup Blitz Bonanza/ Round 6 Report

Nov 2, 2010, 9:04 PM |

Hello again, I am back to report on round 6 of the SPICE Cup and the SPICE Blitz Championship!!  I just got back from the Blitz tournament and it was awesome! GM Georg Meier blew through the field to take home 1st and GM Wesley So got 2nd.  IM Daniel Rensch played really well to tie for 3rd along with GM Alexander Onischuk, GM Anatoly Bykhovsky and  GM Simen Agdestein.

For today I am going to just post the results for round 6 and keep this blog short, because I have a bad cold  :(. 

IM Bryan Smith 0 vs GM Anatoly Bykhovsky 1

GM Andre Diamant 1/2 vs IM Danny Rensch 1/2

IM Irina Krush 1/2 vs IM Dean Ippolito 1/2

GM Davorin Kuljasevic 1 vs FM Darwin Yang 0

GM Ben Finegold 1/2 vs GM Gergely Antal 1/2

The always hilarious Danny trying to sike out Andre

A nice picture of Daniel

Magnus Carlsen's Schoolmates have shown up for the SPICE Cup FIDE Rated Open!

A very nice picture of Gergely