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An Astonishing Roast by a Friend

An Astonishing Roast by a Friend

Sep 21, 2017, 10:28 PM 0

It is always disappointing to be maligned by a fellow chess.com member. I strive to get along with everyone here and I enjoy many friendships. What is more hurtful, however, is when one of those friends lashes out with an unjustified verbal lambasting. I logged in tonight to find the following message on my Profile wall:


I was very surprised and saddened by this post, especially since I thought we were friends. I normally honor rematch requests, assuming I have time to play. In this case I did not notice a rematch request. Besides it was a tournament, so I would not have even thought to look for a rematch. Thirdly, I had already been playing for over an hour. I have a wife and five children that share me with the chess community. Speaking of honor, I hope it can be seen that honoring my family is just as important as honoring my opponents. I am happy to schedule a game or series of games with anyone who asks.

As far as my alleged cowardice is concerned, I live a mere half hour away from Sunglasses1089, and I would be happy to meet him face to face at the place of his choosing.

Finally, a computer analysis of the game in question will reveal that the game was dead even; not a loss for White as Sunglasses1089 claims. I feel deep regret for any misunderstanding, and I hope my friendship with Sunglasses1089 can be restored.

Here is the game and analysis. It was a Blitz game, so it is full of errors on both sides:


The evaluation of the final position in the blunderfest was -0.38. Such is Blitz.

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