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Congratulations MartinaKeyB

Congratulations MartinaKeyB

Oct 13, 2014, 8:42 PM 0

I played in a 10-0 tournament today and was very impressed by the performance of MartinaKeyB who won the tournament with 4.5/5 points! 

Although she was ranked 18th in the event with a starting rating of 957, she performed like a Master. Scoring a performance rating of over 2100, she went undefeated and outplayed players with ratings of 1419, 1710, 1727, and 1574. The only player she was unable to beat was 1902 rated beatGM, against whom she scored a draw.

So when you are playing in a live tournament here at chess.com, remember, you cannot take any game for granted no matter how poorly your opponent has previously played. Today might just be their day!

Congratulations MartinaKeyB

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