Happy Birthday Leonid Vilyevich Voloshin

Happy Birthday Leonid Vilyevich Voloshin


There are nine grandmasters who were born on this day in Chess History; They are:

  1. Lothar Schmidt of Germany, who was born in 1928, became a GM in 1959 and passed away 5/18/2013.
  2. Zlatko Ilinčić of Serbia; born 1968 and became a GM in 1994.
  3. Jiří Štoček of the Czech Republic; born 1977 and became a GM in 1998.
  4. Đào Thiên Hải of Vietnam; born 1978 and became a GM in 1995.
  5. Péter Ács of Hungary; born 1981 and became a GM in 1998.
  6. Pavel Eljanov of Ukraine; born 1983 and became a GM in 2001.
  7. Pentala Harikeishna of India; born 1986 and became a GM in 2001.
  8. Daniel Alsina Leal of Spain; born 1988 and became a GM in 2010.

The GM I have not yet listed is not as well known as some of the others, but I am featuring him in this blog; namely, Leonid Vilyevich Voloshin. The son of the USSR master of sports, V.M. Voloshin, he was born on this day, May 5th, 1964. 
He moved to the Czech Republic in 1993 and became a citizen of that country in 1997. (He was the Bronze medalist of the Czech Championship in 2006.)
In 2003, he received the title of Grandmaster, fulfilling the standards at tournaments in Zabrze Poland in February 2001 and in Novy Bydzov Czechia in July 2003.

His peak FIDE rating was 2522, reached in January of 2004

His tournament wins  (sharing or clearing first place) were at Ostrava CZE 1998, Kiel GER; Zabrze POL 2001; Prague CZE 2002; Kozuchow POL 2003; Seefeld AUT 2003; Novy Bydzov CZE 2003; Prague CZE 2004; Novy Bydzov CZE 2004; Wroclaw POL 2004; and Nachod POL 2007.

The following pristine game was played in 1993: