The Delusions of an Imperial Soldier

The Delusions of an Imperial Soldier

Oct 3, 2017, 2:43 PM |


It must be very convenient to blame one's loss on the clock in BLITZ CHESS. ImperialSoldier's idea of "crushing" is a strange one, considering the fact that I was a Bishop and Pawn AHEAD "when" my opponent ran out of time. 
What ImperialSoldier failed to tell his readers was that although he managed to get an Exchange ahead after I blitz blundered, he returned the favor allowing me a Bishop and Pawn advantage after his own blitz blunder
This is Blitz Chess. There are bound to be blunders on both sides by the very nature of the game. Why is it that my blunders are evidence of my inferior play while yours are merely incidental to the clock? IT IS BLITZ CHESS after all!

Blunders aside, we've all lost games on time that would otherwise have been wins. THAT IS BLITZ.

I've lost games on time with my queen standing on the mating square BEFORE the voice said, "White forfeits on time." But the move didn't register before the clock ran out. 


Frankly, I thought Black's tactical combination was brilliant. He removed the defender of the e-pawn and then forked the Queen and Rook. It was sweet... I admit it.
That's Blitz.

I wish ImperialSoldier the best. I am sorry I won that way... Just as I am sorry for the countless times I have lost in the very same way.