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Why Do Chess Masters Resign From Games?

Why Do Chess Masters Resign From Games?

Apr 19, 2010, 1:46 PM 2

Why Do Chess Masters Resign From Games?

I'm truly looking for insightful help to a question.  I've been on Chess.com since Nov. 2009 and viewed a lot of GM, WGM and other Master chess matches.  What I've noticed they will often resign from a match and they may only be down by 2 to 4 points with plenty of fire power left.  I also follow that approach when down several points because trying to make 4+ points can be difficult to make up those points during a match. 

My question is why do some chess players prolong matches even though they have no chance of winning?  What's even worst if you are engaged in a 3 day or more match, because they now only move on the 3rd day or more.  Is there some unspoken chess etiquette that's followed in the Master's games?



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