How to calculate (6) - Weekly training case study report 3

How to calculate (6) - Weekly training case study report 3

Apr 29, 2016, 7:57 AM |

There were two days less for training this week and there will be one day less at least the next 6 mondays. I'm playing a local tournament on those days. The first round went well. It was the first time ever I had a good position out of the opening against the Scandinavian and won. Next day I analysed the game for two hours with my trainer. It was the first time in four years he called an opening idea of mine interesting. Embarassed So this day too I didn't train the habit.

Back to the case study. I did some tries tired and without real impact. Remarking this i stopped. So the weekly graph is somewhat skewed. And I detected that I can show one week, which is better for a weekly report.

As I have developed some habit with the tactic trainer here I started with the book of John Emms with 1001 tactical exercises. And I did remark an important point:

With other material - aka a book in this case - I fell back to old thinking habits. There was another sign in the game played on monday, but I had attributed this to time problems.

So after 16 training days to build the habit of searching out for all checks I found: At least in my case (62yo) it is important to train this not only on screen! I will continue with books and on the chess board!

The main source of mistakes in solving is not finding the best defense of the opponent. So beside training the thinking process this will be the main task. I'll try thisĀ  first by analyzing the eight games of a tournament played two weeks ago, which is on my to-do-list anyway.

Here is an example of a task I did solve but I counted as mistake, because I hadn't seen the move Ng6 as response and so neglected f4.

White to move