How to calculate (7) - Weekly training case study report 4

How to calculate (7) - Weekly training case study report 4

May 13, 2016, 2:32 PM |

As I played a tournament with 7 games over 4 days, continued the town championship, finished the SCLA tournament I stopped blogging here for nearly 14 days. I felt my chronical diseases at the end of the tournament and the weekly game of the town championship.

So my habit change training had some days pauses too. There are 25 days over now and I start to look for the checks deeper in the lines, not only in the first move. This may account for a change of habits or a better attention to motivs. As there are several explanations possible and I have no good idea for a test this is something to look at for later thinking if useful.

First the graph of the results, this time in another scale over 14 days.

The lower line is 2100, the upper 2125. So there was no significant decline or rise over the last two weeks. This fits to my expectancies. There will be a ceiling for the period of the case study and maybe I have reached it now.

More important is something else. Till now I have 45 failures solving the tasks. I have some double counts of the source of the failure. But 13 times the oversight of the best defense is at the top. This is still a small sample but the picture slowly gets clear. The second frequent source of mistakes is tiredness with 6 hits.

So the results so far are:

  1. A 62yo with 57 years of chess experience seems to be able to change habits.
  2. Training with different stimuli is necessary in my case. Using screen, book, board helps.
  3. I'm able to detect the source of my calculation mistakes more exact.

There are still 20 days left and I will see and report what happens over this time span.

Now to a simple task I didn't solve

Here the attack of the knight against the bishop distracted me from the simple mating pattern. And this even after I had seen the first move!

A mistake I report to encourage all weaker players to play without wrong fear against Elo 205x opponents. Cool