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The Depression

Apr 2, 2008, 3:01 PM 0
I havent posted any new games that i have played.  I would like to comment on why.  I found out about chess.com in its early stages of development. It was then that i had quit drinking as much or if not none that i decided to learn chess some more.  I had grown fond of it in highschool but didnt really pick up on the integral part of chess in everyday life.  With this ambition i had to become sober i really was playing alot of games and a lot of them i liked so i posted them on this site.  I got some feed back on some which was cool.  I havent found any recent games to stick out that need attention.  My style of play has become more organized but not anything impressive as to think of myself as someone good enough to give you the satisfaction of winning.  To beat someone good doesnt mean that you are as good as them.  It means that they had a bad game.  To lose to someone worse than you doesnt mean that you suck.  It just means you need to look at your game a little more. After a few months I was looking at games that i posted and I still like them but none of my newer victories are worth posting.  I want to post a game but I would like to search for a game where I lost but did play a good game and was satisfied with my decision making and technique so as to prove to all of my followers that I am human and that i lose too.  Reminder:  In the process of finding that game.

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