Black and White, not Chocolate and Vanilla


Every time I capture an enemy piece I thrust it into my mouth as fast as I can to decrease my opponent's desire to take it back upon promotion of a pawn. Needless to say I do this with especially quickly when I capture my opponent's queen as this is often the most popularly resurrected piece. I find that the more I do this against a particular adversary the less frequently they find the urge to promote pawns. I regularly end up in losing endgames where my opponent has multiple pawns and no pieces against my lone King. It seems I invariably find myself receiving and accepting draw offers when I am clearly lost!


You can capture, chop, hack, take, knock off, nab, acquire, win, hang, blunder, or otherwise gain or lose a chess piece. You cannot eat them. Let me repeat this point... you can in no way, without bodily harm, "eat" a chess piece. Cakes are to be taken and eaten. Candy is to be taken and eaten. Chess pieces are to be taken only.