The Facts of Life

The Facts of Life

Jul 2, 2009, 11:13 PM |

  If chess is life, like Bobby told us, than we can attempt to apply the facts of our lives to the chess board. Things that govern our daily lives will also appear in chess, and allow us to either greatly succeed, or dismally fail, depending on how we choose to employ them. We can, of course, decide to go against the facts of life, but that just might land us an unwanted spot in the loser’s circle, both in chess, and in our regular lives.

These facts can be difficult to learn, and can take a lifetime to truly understand. But with the proper knowledge of the fundamentals, we can go a long way. All great chess players set their standards very high, and commit themselves to learning the facts, and enforcing the use of them in all their games. A good chess player however, knows that every once in a while, and sometimes just for fun, a rule can occasionally be broken just for the sake of surprising the opponent, and perhaps catching him off his guard. This is a trick I’ve been told, that Bobby himself used several times. One notable time could be the one where he used an opening that no one expected, because he had become famous for using just one. After he zapped his opponent with a nice dose of surprise, the opponent promptly resigned.

The fundamental facts are simple and easy to understand. Learn them and apply them to your game:

Fact #1 - In chess, just as in life, you must learn to crawl before you can run, or even walk.

Fact #2 - You must take one step (move) at a time.

Fact #3 - You must plan for the future. Have a plan, and don’t go on without one.

Fact #4 - If you start your life (game) out correctly, the rest will be easy.

Fact #5 - Follow the laws and you won’t get in trouble.

Fact #6 - Lead an overprotected life, and you’ll be badly adjusted for the road ahead.

Fact #7 - If you show potential in something, exploit it.

Fact #8 - Each portion of your lifetime requires different skills and abilities, and the sooner you learn them all, the better off you’ll be.

Fact #9 - Each problem solved give understanding needed to conquer future situations.

Fact #10 - The goal is not to win, but to have a nice ride.