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The Victory of Defeat

The Victory of Defeat

Jun 24, 2009, 11:10 AM 3

  The bloody battlefield, amid the smoking wreckage of landscape, gives way to awesome defeat after the final climax. All is lost… and yet… The king stands before what’s left of his once great army, now crippled and weak, and calls out in a loud voice - “Let this defeat be not only a mere defeat, but let it give us understanding as to what it is to be a great people. A people that stand strong in the thick of battle, that fight to the very end, strong to the hilt. We are that people!”

That’s us too. The victory of defeat is what makes us great players. We endure the defeat, but come out stronger for it. Learn from your mistakes.

I’ve lost many a game in my time (less than two years! :)), but I’ve never let it get to me too much. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know that I once got very angry after I lost. It was when I first started playing chess. I practiced and practiced, but I still continued to lose to people that didn’t even play chess. It just took me a while to get on track, I think.

But now, I win most of my games, and I’ve grown to welcome defeat. I don’t often get the chance to play with a very strong opponent. It’s very refreshing, and even rewarding to play a good game with a mighty player, even if you loose. You’ll learn from it, and become a better player.

Raise high the victory of defeat!

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