What's happening at Chess.com

Jun 20, 2008, 12:06 PM |
I've been hanging out at chess.com for the past 8 months, and I've come to love this place, and it's community. It offers a truly original experience, both with the chess playing features, and all the other little things that make up this truly great site. I've observed so much happening here, and it's almost hard to believe that all this was done by only a small group of dedicated people, striving to create a great online chess community. I (and I think I can speak for the entire chess.com community) want to thank all the individuals who helped in devolving chess.com, and all it's features, and also those who contributed during the course of it's making. I really don't know what I would do without chess.com today. It's become my online home, where I go when I want to talk with people, and also when I want a good game. Not to mention when I need to study my opening! :) So many great things are happening here, and I want to look at a few of them, and talk a little about their wonderful purpose. This is my opinion of these features.

Correspondence Chess: This is probably the most used feature of chess.com. This is what it's all about; Playing chess, and at the same time, meeting, and chatting with people from other countries, and cultures. I've met many wonderful people from all over the world, and I'm leaning so much from them.

Live Chess: This is a really cool idea, and I am very happy that they decided to add this feature. If you've read my previous posts, you know I have just discovered this magnificent feature. There are still some bugs in it though, and I could not even use it until I downloaded FireFox, but now, I can play lightning fast games, and not ever get disconnected. I know others are having problems with this, and I feel sorry for them. Live Chess is a great addition to chess.com, and I'm looking forward to future developments.

Tournaments: They are a great way to get to know where you stand as far as playing ability, and it is also a great way to meet other people from other countries. With tournaments, you can join a certain category, and play other in that category. Basically, it's just a great way to have fun, and that's what Chess.com is all about.

Things to Read: It's great to be able to simply open the articles section, and read about whatever chess related information you want. A really great leaning tool, and study guide.

Forums: I enjoy the forums, for several reasons. They are a good way to discuss chess topics, get help, exchange information, chat with other chess lovers, meet people, and so much more. They also give you points every time you comment or create a topic.

Points: these are a good way to see how involved someone is in Chess.com. If you love chess.com, these will more than likely be a higher number. Some people come to chess.com for the chess, and that's all, but I think that's only half of it. The community is so wonderful here, I don't know why anyone would not want to be a part in it.

Blogs: Another example of the great community here. Chess.com's blog section, is not as active as the other areas, but with a little time, I think it will catch on. I really enjoy reading other blogs, and posting in my own.

There are so many other great features of chess.com, but I really need to get going now. I'll be back later, with some more.

Chess.com is only beginning. I can't wait to see what it will grow into. More and more features are sure to be added, and where will the limit be? Where will erik and the other's know where to stop? I hope that one is as much a mystery to them, as it is to me. I'm really looking forward to all the new advancements that are coming in the near future, and I again, want to give a great big "Thank You!" to all the people who put their creativity, and imagination into chess.com, to make it the best chess community world-wide!