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I vowed to never play online tournaments again!

I vowed to never play online tournaments again!

Dec 20, 2015, 9:02 PM 2

I am writing this letter or blog to the many chess clubs that I feel that I let down! I really want you to know that all my intentions was to play the very best that I could play for you! But when my computer failed on me (again) it made me realize I can no longer do this, I can no longer let the clubs I cared so much about down again! Don't get me wrong, I love chess, sometimes I eat and breathe it, but when that happens it just kills something inside everytime. I cannot do this to the groups anymore, so I am resigning from playing online tournament chess! I just want you to know that I enjoyed every game that I was able to play before my comp went down! But it hurts not only me but the group as a whole for they were counting on me...not just to win...but to play! I feel I cannot go on like that anymore letting my friends down like that again! I wish you all the best in all the tournaments that the groups I belong to enter, but i will be on the sideline rooting you on to win! I wish you all a very blessed and safe Holiday Season! I will play live chess but only non tournament chess, thank you for the great games and great times!

Your friend and group member,


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