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Jul 12, 2010, 6:30 AM |

Last Saturday was the start of something very special.  It wasn’t the first time International Master David Pruess had presented a live broadcast on, but it was the first time he had given a lesson to such a small class of students – yes, this was university!

Expectation was very high, but did this first lecture live up to the expectation?  Yes …. and then some! 


We all know David has a great teaching style from watching his videos and TV.  But this was different.  To have an IM ready and willing to explain ideas, answer questions, discuss any concerns students may have – well it’s an amazing experience and a privilege to be a part of. 


With only a small group taking part in the lecture it’s very different from David’s TV shows where the chat can go so fast you can’t concentrate on the lesson and the chat at the same time.  In his lectures, David goes at the pace of his students and continually requests feedback from them.


The forums have been inundated with questions about cost over this course.  But when you consider that you have IM assistance and guidance for two whole months, the value for money is exceptional.  David will be analysing our games and giving all the assistance we require.  I never thought I’d be able to afford an IM tutor, but has made it possible.


The source material is superb too.  The theme of the course is “King’s Gambit Ideas for Intermediate Players.”  But even if you don’t intend to play this opening for the rest of your life, because this particular opening can create such dynamic play, the understanding of our great game will be greatly enhanced by these lessons. 


David is still accepting a few new students to the course.  All lectures are recorded and can be viewed as many times as you like.  Homework is set every week.  Obviously, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it, but if you can – join this course now!  You won’t regret it.


Any questions?  Email David from his homepage


Want to get a student’s perspective?  Feel free to ask me any questions you want.


Alternatively, take a look here for the course’s overview -



So, how’s the training going?  What’s the homework like?  What exciting lessons does David have in store for us next?  Tune in to Part 2, coming soon…….