Jongmin Choi - Kumbaya Tournament U-1400 (Jan. 21, 2012)

Jan 21, 2012, 5:40 PM |

i guess i got lucky in round 1. we both kinda sucked, but my opponent sucked a little more fortunately. well, it was pretty early in the morning. 


round 2 was a decent example game for both of us that showed how a blunder in the opening can end the game without a solid mid-game. 


round 3 was, quite honestly, the shortest game i have ever played in 10 years of my chess career. it once again proved how critical defending the f2 square is when using the tarrasch variation. 


i would have been so sad if he caught my blunder at the 10th move... i guess it was my lucky day to have the first place at the tournament.