The first Grand Master 0f Asia sub cotinent ( India,Pakistan ,Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, etc )


Neaz Murshed ,the first  Grand Master in the Asia subcontinent(India ,Pakistan,Bangladesh, )  from Bangladesh is a good writer.The below column ,written by him had been  published in a  popular newspaper in Bangladesh in 1995.

He wrote ," Every morning ,we wake up ready to face the gravest of problems of our city (Dhaka )-- the traffic . Congestion in the streets are a part of our life now.

However , let me offer you to try and find the solution to a chess board problem which involves a similar situation .Perhaps you will find some solace if you are successful on the board since the solution to the real life problem is beyond your reach, as well as mine.

So set your chess pieces on the board.Start pondering.

You are going to get a single clue .

CLUE : Imagine your rooks are small cars , and your Queen is a lorry ( truck ). Try to make room for the lorry so it can reach its destination- the black king. 

Make sure you sweat enough before you look at the solution.

SOLUTION : 1) Rh8 check , Kh8 ; 2) Rh1,check,Kg8 ; 3) Rh8 ( Yes again! The clearance of traffic .) ,Kh8 ; Qh1 check ,Kg8 ;Qh7 mate.