2018 Targets

Jan 1, 2018, 8:03 AM |

2017 marked the first full year of playing Chess and working actively to improve my play. I'm pleased with my progress in 2017.


I improved my COR by over 200 points and my 1st January 2018 self would beat my 1st January 2017 self 4 out of 5 times with an expected result of 0.81.


I joined a Chess Club, began playing competitive OTB Chess, have attended several weekend tournaments and obtained a OTB rating. This time last year I thought about this as a 2018 goal so to have played over thirty OTB games is a pleasant exceed of expectations.


I'm a much better player, but I know there are things I can do to strengthen myself further quickly. I don't spend anywhere near enough time analysing my games, I rarely play through and never analyse Master games, I'm so so tactically and I know my openings to about move three. Most of my improvement in 2017 has just come from playing, but I'll be training in 2018.


2017 Targets

At the start of last year I set two goals, I exceeded my Daily Chess goal (1500) by a long way. I didn't hit my Rapid Chess goal (1400) so I will need to double down on improving that rating by playing more games, the main reason why I didn't achieve it.


Targets for 2018


- Improve my Combined Online Rating from 1424 to 1625.

- Improve my Chess Scotland OTB rating (classical time control) from 1077 to 1200.

- Obtain a FIDE rating.


These are realistic goals, but challenging enough I'll have to work for them. My main focus will be to improve tactically, and most of my training will be focused on that.



What is... Combined Online Rating (COR)
COR is a metric I use comprised of my Chess.com Blitz, Tactics, Daily and Rapid ratings.

Objective of COR: To use weighted and combined online ratings (where there is an increased sample size for myself at least compared to OTB) to calculate a single metric for tracking OTB Chess improvement.

My online rating will always be more reliable and accurate due to sample size but it’s my OTB play and rating that matters; online ratings are also split so I need to combine these (to increase accuracy further) and do so in a way that is weighted towards the ultimate goal (tracking improvement – but here improvement means OTB not online.)

Method of COR: Each separate online rating must be weighted based on two factors:
1) How likely is it that improvement in this online rating correlates to improvement at classical/allegro time controls OTB

2) How volatile/stable is the rating? Or, how likely is it that improvement in this rating corresponds to actual improvement rather than day over day/week over week variability and randomness.

Formula to calculate COR: ((Blitz)+(Tactics x1.5)+(Daily x3)+(Rapid x 4.5))/10.