Feb 22, 2017, 8:21 AM |

Quick update on some steady progress since the last post.

Rating & CAPS improvements

I'm seeing improvements in both my online rating and my CAPS scores which is encouraging. I have had two wins against 1400+ players in the last few days and I'm doing well for the most part in the tournaments I'm joining - I'm now only joining tournaments with a 1500 limit as opposed to joining tournaments with 1200 or 1250 rating limits in the past. I've broken through the online 1300 barrier earlier than I anticipated and it's onwards and upwards to 1400.




I've done rather a lot of Chess book buying and rather a lot less Chess book reading which I should look to correct in the coming weeks. I have really enjoyed (mostly skim-)reading Jeremy Silman's books the Amateur's Mind and Silman's complete endgame course. The writing style with the direct, and at times pretty brutal feedback and commentary is enjoyable to read even if not all of the concepts are totally sticking yet. I'm going to spend some time on both of these.


To facilitate further improvements I've joined a Chess club, and after going along a couple of times have earned a place next week on board six for the D team (who are second from bottom in the lowest division). It would be great to start out with a win! Being around and learning from better players will bring on my game a lot.



Whilst most of the above is positive, I think my training (primarily: play lots of daily tournament games) could be improved and my progress will peter out or become a lot slower soon otherwise. The main thing I need to do is start analysing my games afterwards. I will put a plan together that can take me beyond my 2017 goal of online-1500 by end of the year.