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GFE ft A Simple Asian-ish Noodle Breakfast

GFE ft A Simple Asian-ish Noodle Breakfast

Jan 13, 2018, 8:05 PM 7

It's breakfast time and you don't want to eat something American and/or (for those who do) ramen yet again. Thinking it's about time you ate something unique but relatively easy (after all you're still a pauper and must depend on a bigwig) you decide it's finally the moment to be saved by one of my recipes (nose keeps growing inch by inch....) So here you go!

I'll post a ramen recipe...very similar to this but slightly adjusted. 


Cooked packaged Asian noodles (I used udon, you can use others. The brand I used was KAME)

2 eggs

Hoison sauce

Optional-stir fry sauce

Thin sliced meat, fish or vegetables.

The How To:

"Cook" your noodles as how your package tells you to.

Frying your eggs is the best to go. Use butter, provides nicer taste.

If you have leftover meat, fish or vegies... microwave them...if not and want to cook some do that.

Place noodles in a bowl/plate and plant a good dollop of hoison sauce on it. Make sure it's coated. Slice your fried eggs with spatula so you have thin slices of egg...place on top of noodles. Add other toppings and enjoy!


Btw: I'm still taking questions for my next corner....if you have any let me know!

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