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GFE ft Nikki's Original-Superb Rice Dish(B.I-I)

GFE ft Nikki's Original-Superb Rice Dish(B.I-I)

Nov 16, 2017, 5:00 AM 4

This pic is only to show you what it will look like. Not my pic at all.


The title may be misleading cause I don't know if anyone else has made this recipe but I do know, that when I had made this I wasn't using a recipe....Continuing from there, this is a simple but delicious meal. The only hard part would be cooking the meat right and making rice yourself if you don't have a rice cooker.

Ingredients: As always, please remember to support organic farmers.

Ground hamburger- any ground meat would work. Hamburgers has a nicer taste for this though. Fish can work. 

Sweet green peas

Rice-make enough cause this is really the main dish.

Red (green could work) bell peppers

White onion


Turmeric powder

Chile powder



Sweet chile sauce- can be found at your local international or Asian stores.

The process:

Start your rice and sweet peas. Also begin your side dishes as well. Recommended side dishes will be listed below.

Dice the amount of onions and peppers enough for how many people you will be serving. Saute them with butter till brown in a skillet. Add a dash or two of the Chile and  turmeric powder with salt. Under salt it just to be on the safe side. Stir until well mixed. Remove once finished. Add butter and olive oil to your pan and stick in your meat. Remember! Always cook you vegetables first, then fish and then meat if you have vegan or vegetarian eaters at your house. Once your meat is browned and cooked thoroughly, add in your vegetables (not the peas!). 

Once your rice is finished, place the amount of rice you want to eat in a bowl. Add your meat and vegetable mixture on top. Sprinkle the green peas over the contents. Optional: give it dashed of siracha sauce or sweet Chile sauce for flavoring.

Recommended side dishes:

Pajeon otherwise known as Korean scallion pancakes are delicious with it. I took the pancakes and cut them into strips and laid them over the mixture.

I would have added more recommended side dishes but since this was my first time I didn't have the opportunity to experiment much. When I make this again, I'll remember to take a pic for here. Thanks for reading!!


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