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GFE Nikki's Corner

GFE Nikki's Corner

Nov 17, 2017, 8:46 PM 5

Wassup everyone? Today has no recipes. Instead I'm gonna waste your guys' time by talking and asking you guys some questions..

First up I want to thank everyone who has read my previous GFE blogs. 

2nd: have any of you done them?

    A) yes- how was it? Were there stuff that needed to be changed?

    B) no- get your happy butt to work...nah just kidding lol

3rd- what do you guys think of my choices for recipes?

A)should I do more ethnic

B)more American stuff


D)how to make crummy microwave meals into the best thing...woah woah I don't eat many microwave meals so can't help you there....

E)just do what you've always been doing.

4) this should've been three but....are you guys able to know what I'm trying to communicate with the recipes? Cause heck cooking is like a language...if you don't speak it properly your food......uh....ya know?

5) time for me to shut up XD and so I will lol.

Thanks again for reading! And as always your input is welcomed...haters aren't...just saying XD 

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