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GFE Nikki's Corner 12/8/17

GFE Nikki's Corner 12/8/17

Dec 8, 2017, 11:51 AM 0

Hey guys!! Today I have brought you to my corner! Just got a couple things to say and then I'll cook,,,,,uh I mean release you XD.


First thing I wanted to say is sorry I haven't been posting more recipes lately. I was on a run cause I was at my aunt's house were there is an abundance of ingredients to use and here..........well I got stuff but not much. I also haven't been able to post my own pics cause I got the phone taken away....oh well...


As in the other corner, I would really love to hear your feedback. What should I change?: What should I keep or get rid of? More puns? 


Oh and one final thing....I'm gonna stop using the cooking key I've been using cause it's a bit confusing to me LOL....when I get an easier one I'll let you guys know. 


Thanks for reading!!! *Begins to chop on............*

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