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GFE's Mini Guide

GFE's Mini Guide

Nov 10, 2017, 9:47 PM 1

Below is a key to help you determine what level of recipe difficulty you want to take on. It's pretty simple:

R.E- really easy-probably beginner stuff...things you already know how to do but with a twist.

E-easy...same as above but not that simple.

B.I-beginner's intermediate- this means that you should have some cooking practice behind you cause these recipes will require your skills.

I-intermediate- been cooking for awhile so that you know what I'm talking about. I will also include recipes that have certain ingredients that are harder to find in this and the next sections.

G.A-getting advanced-things are becoming more difficult and some of the recipes have tricky ingredients in them. Some may also need special technics to do them.

and last of all....

A-advanced-be prepared. Will be harder than most and a good majority of the ingredients will probably be hard to find unless you have an international store near by.

If any of you have recipes you would like for me to try or share here please pm me.

This is it for this mini guide. Thanks for reading!!😊


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