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Halloween Special-A Short Creepy Story

Halloween Special-A Short Creepy Story

Oct 31, 2017, 11:31 AM 12

Here is the full story. I wrote this as my grammar assignment. 


"You're right. It was all an illusion." He turned his head and looked somewhere else. The sky, darkly clouded, gave off a thunderous boom. The wind began to pick up an big, fat drops satrted to quickly pelt the ground. Passerbyers began to hurry. "I don't love you either." He itched his neck and turned his face to look straight into mine. "I'm sorry." By now the drops had become buckets of water. Rain water was trickling down my glasses and into my eyes. Looking up into the sky, he joked "Of course it had to rain." I burst out laughing until I felt tears coursing down my cheeks and before I knew it, I became hysterical. I began to scream at him and with all my might I began to beat him with my blue, faux leather purse. Sputtering he ran off as the turbulent sky gave another disgruntle rumble. Crying hard as the rain was falling, I backed into an entrance way of a building. Doubled over I continued to sob as the rain began to pound even harder. Wondering what time it was, I pulled out my phone. 5:15 p.m with nineteen messages and ten missed calls from the same person-my boss. Huddling close to the building (by now I was throughly soaked) I called my boss back. Ring-ring. No one picked up. I tried again.
"Blah blah blah this is so and so speaking-" I cut him off.
"It's me...." Silence. A string of a whole new vocabulary was flunged at me.
"Take your sh**** work and go. You're FIRED!!" He shouted. Sensing my hesitation, he began to scream on the phone. "YOU"RE FIRED! YOU'RE FIRED! YOU'RE FIRED! YOU'RE-" click. I looked at the screen and then I threw it with all the strength I had against the slick pavement.
"Hey get up." I felt someone jabbing in my side. I opened my eyes and looked around. A round black girl's face peered over me. I realized it was Crystal. Rolling out of bed, I questioned her on what happened.
"Hmmph! Nothing much except for caring for your sorry butt. Crying to yourself like some drunken fool next to a building. Disgusting."
"I was fired-" I stammered.
"Who cares?"
"And I broke up with him.."
"Again, who cares?" She turned and stared, shocked I would even divulge that to her.
"You're my best friend..."
"So? And not really. Never was for your information." She tossed her head at me and began to tie up her hair. "You're still the sorriest piece of c*** I've ever had to deal with." She took her leather messenger bag and lunch tote. Opening the apartment's brick red door, she stopped. "Oh and by the way, I just took your job and your boyfriend and now I'm kicking you out of this apartment. You have until evening to get out." Smiling, she waved her hand and blew me a kiss with her red, manicured hands as she stepped out into the busy street and slammed the door behind her. Stunned, I stumbled into the bathroom and began to freshen up. Still fully shocked, I sat down to eat a meagar breakfast. On the glass table lay a brochure for a museum that was displaying art that expressed futuristic and modernistic themes.
"Between twelve and one p.m is free." Huh, I thought to myself. This might lighten up my mood. Strolling off the lightrail platform, I found myself in front of a massive museum. Pushing the great doors of glass, I slipped quietly in to the cavernous interior. It was very quiet but then again it was around noon. An angent walked up to me and asked which gallery I would like to see.
"Oh, Anna Ktorifiev please."
"A fan I presume?" asked the agent.
"No, I thought I might stop by and see something new."
"She is very good but her work......." there was a moment of silence until the agent resumed speaking "well it can be a bit.......what is the word? Dangerous."
"Dangerous? Why is that?" I questioned.
"You'll see."
We entered a rather poorly lit room. An object's shape portruded from the darkness. A veil of eerieness surrounded the gallery. Next to the mysterious piece of art, there was a pillar. On it was a lightswitch that had a warning sign surrounding it ordering for no one to touch it. The dense air was broken by the string of questions the agent asked me.
"Are you said?" she questioned. Looking deeply into my eyes, she leaned towards me. "Depressed? Anxious? Haboring regrets or envy or hate?"
"No?" I quickly stated. I thought to myself, how dare she question my personal emotions. Turning back to her, I reassured her that everything was fine with me. Flashing a smile at her placed her at ease though her face still bore uncertainty about myself.
"Ms. Ktorifiev wouldn't want that...."
"No, I don't think she would." I agreed.
I began to walk closer to the object. I steadied my gaze on it not noticin the agent carefully backing away. The shape was so....unique! Well its shape was. I couldn't fully view it due to it being enveloped by the darkness. Coming closer, I could tell that the shape was that of a person and metal shafts (either spears or arrows) were pierced through "him". Not a stature but a figure only alive by the artist's craftmanship. Somewhat hewn from a block of obsidian, it was grotesquelly carved. The head and the body, as well as the auro surrounding the figure itself, was twisted and cried of anger and of pain. The smell of maleviolence and sound of hell itself swirled around the demonic carving. The face was of a man but at times it screamed of a woman. A woman burning of hatred and envy and of jealousy. Loud cacklings of lightning were sounded outside. I was getting nervous. Afraid would best describe my emotions. Then suddenly a hand (or so I thought) reached out and brushed my forearm. I screamed and fell back some paces. No one was in the room. I realized the agent had snuck away. Loud bangings were heard. The room rocked, the darkness swayed. Whish-again the figure struck out his hand and wrapped his cold, black fingers around my neck. I began to wail and scream uncontrollably. It released his grasp and instantly returned to its original position. A whisper entered like a breeze and began filling the room.
"Sad.....you are sad..." It began to grow stronger. "Be sad!" It started to become violent, The atmosphere grew warm an then cold, hot then temperate and finally lukewarm. The wind began to pick up until it became like a tornado. Voices cried and wailed from it.
"You're angry! Disappointed." Shriller voices started to accumulate, my head began to spin. My thoughts and emotions were whirling uncontrollably. I grasped my face as I wheeled around like a whirling dervish. A hand reached out and stopped me. I looked behind and screamed. A girl of early twenties stood before me. She was of short stature and had a rather circular face which was surrounded by long, black strands of hair. Upon her face, she wore dark framed glasses. She reached out for me and clasped her ghostly, cold and clammy fingers around my face.
"Oh how you are like me indeed." She whispered hauntingly. "So very much like me...." I stared deep into her gleaming eyes terrified. Looking upon my reaction, she smiled a smile that would make even a devil cower before her.
"What do you call a bear without teeth?" She suddenly asked. Shocked, I couldn't reply.
"A gummy bear." She answered for me. Laughing raucously, She tilted her face towards the pitch black ceiling. She whipped around and stared back at me, looking straight into my eyes. Her pupils dialated and suddenly she charged me without any warning. Reaching out to me, she screamed "DIE!" Still tightly grasping me, she began to spin me until I was going around and around by myself. When I had finally slowed myself done, I found myself face to face with the exhibit. Looking around desperately, I searched for anything normal-anything that could get me out of this living hell. Seeing nothing except for the exhibit, I turned and behold on my left side stood the granite pillar with the mysterious lightswitch. I scrambled frantically towards it. The whirling and screaming from above had not stopped. Now standing beside the switch, I quickly pulled it. Instantly before me was the art of hell. The writhing creature was truly not of a man but neither a woman. It simply was "IT". Its face was undistinguishable. Its body was speared with iron spikes. Fresh blood disembogue from the open wounds and from a large gash on one side, you could see part of its bowels slowly slipping out. Fear was strongly rooted in the whites of its eyes. Self-pity rode on its face and contempt sat on its tongue. Around its neck hung a noose on which the other end of the it, was tightly wrapped around a sturdy tree branch. The noose was twisted around so tightly that the neck was slightly cut in two. Below on a gilded plaque read: Tree of Judas.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, two arms quickly wrapped themselves around my waist and chest and a hissing sound whispered into my ear.
"That's you."
Screaming, I began to wrestle myself out of her grasp. Hysterically swiniging around, she disappeared from me. I began to cry convulsively and I began to wretch profusely. I staggered backwards and dropped to my knees as I continued to vomit. Blood began to seep out my skin slowly and then I was dripping of my own blood. Saliva and tears swelled up inside of me until I couldn't contain them anymore. They began to flood out of me like a mad brook trying to breach its banks. I began to comprehend that I was dissolving into liquid. I began to shriek and wail. I felt myself falling to the floor and as I lifted up my eyes, behold there raised above me was the tormented figure. Looking upon it, I saw the hideous and disfigured face of Judas. I shut my eyes and began to beg for God's mercy. Reaching up to wipe the tears from my eyes, I conceived that my face had begun to liquify. Looking helplessly around I came face to face with the gruesome execution. Time began to speed up and I suddenly realized that I was becoming part of that most detestable, grotesque figure. I was becoming part of Judas himself. I began to squeal loudly with terror and horror that I have never felt before....
"Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!!!" I bolted up right in bed. Perspiration was pouring off of me and was collecting in my sheets around me. The digital clock on the redwood stand next to me read 5:15 a.m. I ran my clammy hand over my forehead to brush back a fallen strand of hair. I quickly got out of bedin search of something to quench my thirst. Passing the bathroom, I saw my reflection- exactly like the one I saw in my dream. Staring at myself in the mirror, I saw the lines of hatred and envy, of jealousy and disappointment. Looking away, I also realized I was wearing the same clothes. I remebered that yesterday I was too tired to undress and had fallen asleep fully clothed. Smiling in relief, I sank to the floor. From above, I could hear someone come pounding up the steps. The bedroom door was pushed open and Nece appeared by my side. Concern showed in her beautiful, glassy blue eyes.
"Are you ok?" She asked tacitly "You gave me quite the scare when I heard you scream out."
"Yeah...." Turning to her, I hugged her with all my might. "I'm sorry about that. I realized just how pathetic I am. I'm sorry for burdening you. Now I know what I must do." I leaned my head on her and began to silently sob. I thought to myself how thankful I am that I can be forgiven-that I can change. I smiled to myself. I vowed never to be Judas.
I: Me
Boyfriend:Nasty Moron- Unknown
Boss: King of Buttwipes- Unknown
Crystal: Awful witch-My otherself....I don't know-Unknown
Agent: Ms. Scaredy Pants-Any museum agent
Anna Ktorifiev: WEIRD ALERT- Not a real person. A made up futuristic/modernistic Russian artist
Creepy Ghost Girl: All bad emotions personified as a female
Nece: My lovely babe who will always be my friend. She is real "MEOW"

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