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Giri loses tiebreak, Carlsen winner 80th Tata steel
Picture: NOS

Giri loses tiebreak, Carlsen winner 80th Tata steel

Jan 28, 2018, 11:04 AM 0

After thirteen days of chess the 80th edition of Tata Steel was decided by tiebreaks between Carlsen and Giri after both had drawn their games earlier on and ended up with 9 points. This year this tournament was for the first time decided with tiebreaks, which consisted of two blitz games with 5 minutes and 3 seconds increment each. Carlsen started with the white pieces. 


After 36...Rc6 Giri got a worse position. Giri had to defend the a and c pawn with his king, but lost a pawn on the other side, which would cost him the game. "This was a typical Carlsen game" was the response of the analysers, GM Eric Hansen and GM Jan Smeets. After this masterclass of endgame technique by Carlsen, Giri had to win with white to get an armageddon game, but this game ended in a draw after a sacrifice by Giri which he got back a few moves later. Giri was better, but he allowed Carlsen to get back into the game and even got a worse position, in which the players agreed to a draw. Congratulations to Carlsen, who has set a new record after winning the tournament for the 6th time. Giri looks to be back in shape and this is hopefully the start of a great chessyear. 

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