Reaching 2000

Jul 5, 2013, 3:01 PM |

Wow, surprised to reach this level, I was still wondering how long I could stay above 1900.

I learnt about it on receiving a message about cheating. This is sent automatically to everyone who reaches 2000.

I'm going to have to work hard to stay here. Am trying to learn from the masters, as I do in music, but a holiday followed by some busy days has diverted me sometimes from the art of chess!

Much has happened in music. I am working on a trio section of the first movement of a symphony, very difficult to write down what I can hear. So many possible variations. Meanwhile the big concert I mentioned in the last post is in doubt, I will wait a few more weeks to see if anything happens there. However there is a rehearsal tomorrow for the Aria mentioning, and all being well it will be performed in public concert in October. And in a week's time my new Colchester Rag will be performed in Colchester.

And above all, summer has at last come to London. And looks set to stay for a while.Cool