Chesslova - New Youtube Channel!

Chesslova - New Youtube Channel!

WCM Orlovachess
Mar 26, 2016, 12:53 PM |

Hi everyone, My name is Yelizaveta Orlova. I am a retired professional chess player who is a full-time chess teacher and entrepreneur.

It's been a few years since my videos with Beauty&ChessGeek (with GM Alejandro Ramirez), I've decided to start my own Youtube Channel.

It's called Chesslova.

A chess fan gave me the idea of the name. I liked it because it somewhat associates with my last name (Orlova) and sounds like Supernova!

I've created my first chess Youtube video just a few days ago, please check it out here:

As I said in the video, I'd like to know your feedback so that I can improve for the rest of my videos.

Thanks so much! You can either comment below here, or just comment on my video.

You guys rock!

Love, Chesslova (Yelizaveta Orlova)